Cinema Quiz: without magic, it’s impossible to recognize these 10 films! – Cinema News

Cinema Quiz: without magic, it’s impossible to recognize these 10 films! – Cinema News
Cinema Quiz: without magic, it’s impossible to recognize these 10 films! – Cinema News

Daniel Radcliffe is obviously Harry Potter, but not only that! Since the end of the saga, he has played a series of crazy roles and has even played villains, notably in The Secret of the Lost City, broadcast this evening on W9. We’re testing you on your career!

Having become a huge star at a very young age thanks to Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has often surprised in the choice of his roles since the end of the saga. From a farting corpse to a video game developer with weapons screwed into his hands, the actor was able to overcome his status as a child star and build a career off the beaten track.

He also didn’t just play the heroes, sometimes playing the antagonists in big productions, like in 2022, where he gave Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum a hard time in The Secret of the Lost City.

On the occasion of the broadcast of the film this evening on W9, we therefore invite you to test your knowledge on Daniel Radcliffe’s career outside Hogwarts. But before that, a few anecdotes about the action comedy by Aaron Nee and Adam Nee.

Did you know ?

Under the leadership of Sandra Bullock

Having long wanted to make an action and adventure film with a touch of comedy, Sandra Bullock decided to produce this project through her production company Fortis Films. She approached her friend Liza Chasin for production, then Seth Gordon brought the idea for the film, of which he is also the producer. It was after seeing Band of Robbers by brothers Adam and Aaron Nee that Bullock and Chasin wanted to meet the duo to offer them The Secret of the Lost City.

Brad Pitt en guest-star

To play Jack Trainer, a former Navy Special Forces who dabbles in yoga and hostage recovery, Sandra Bullock turned to her longtime friend and hairstylist, Janine Thompson, who suggested a another of his clients, Brad Pitt. Bullock had recently made an appearance in Bullet Train, worn by Brad Pitt, and the latter agreed to return the favor.

A hair-raising wig

The wig Channing Tatum wears was designed by Rob Pickens and made, cut and colored by hairstylist Derrick Spruill. “I think I had no idea how much personality this wig had, and I didn’t really know who Dash was until I put it on. Suddenly, this psychotic, completely crazy character came to life“, explains the actor.



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