Soccer. Valentin Letourneur, the Maladrerie goalkeeper, has not said his last word

Soccer. Valentin Letourneur, the Maladrerie goalkeeper, has not said his last word
Soccer. Valentin Letourneur, the Maladrerie goalkeeper, has not said his last word


Aline Chatel

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May 23, 2024 at 6:39 p.m.

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At 1.84 meters tall, Valentin Letourneur is not a little boy. However, he is clear that he is “missing four centimeters” so that football coaches can see in him the potential of a great goalkeeper. “It’s annoying but it’s understandable,” admits the Maladrerie goalkeeper in Regional 1. “It’s modern football that wants that. Honestly, the size issue has a real impact on the field. Thibaut Courtois is two meters tall, Donnarumma is not far from it…”

Explosiveness and kicking game

Valentin Letourneur, 23, has found solutions to his relatively modest size. “Size also has disadvantages,” he judges. I will be more effective than a big guy in certain phases of the game, such as reactivity on my line, explosiveness. » The Manchois, originally from Cherbourg where he did all his classes, has also perfected his kicking game, to “counter [s]we lack size.” In this, he fits into the typical profile of the famous modern goalkeeper.

We ask a lot of things from a goalkeeper and I think we will always ask more things. Today, the goalkeeper gets into his team’s playing tactics. With Tony’s system, I’m almost a fifth defender. It’s rewarding.

Valentin Letourneur

If Tony Théault went to get his number 1 at Dives, where he played eleven matches in National 3 last season, it is in particular for his compatibility with the Malay game project. “When I spoke with Tony, I felt that he believed in my abilities,” appreciates Valentin Letourneur. He wanted to play at the top of the table with me, that made me want to. »

The one who made Yann Sommer his reference proved his trainer right. His good season contributed to the positive results of the MOS, which will finish the year in third place after a final shock against Gonfreville, Sunday May 26, 2024. “We collapsed a little at the end, but what we did is more than consistent. »

Want to climb the ladder

The season whets the appetite, and Valentin Letourneur imagines what’s next at the Joseph-Déterville stadium. Unless requests come from the higher level. “I know I can go higher,” he said. I have been told this several times and I proved it this year. I have the ability to make a career out of it. » Touching the National 2, or even the National, is in the back of the mind of the ergonomics master’s student. Valentin Letourneur gives himself the means to believe in his lucky star.

If I have one small regret, it’s not having worked enough when I was young. I rested a little on my laurels. Since then, I have been working outside of sessions and I am very involved in training.

Valentin Letourneur

Responsible fan

Spent six months at Stade Malherbe in 2020, slowed down by Covid and especially by his size, Valentin Letourneur is only at the beginning of his career. However, he put on his first gloves at a very young age. “As is often the case, I went to the goals to help out when I was a beginner. I was performing well, so I stayed. As we get older, it is the responsibilities that make us appreciate the role. It’s rewarding to be able to save a match with a save. » The native of Benin, adopted at one year old after being placed in an orphanage, wants to shine well beyond Regional 1.

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