In search of refuge, ex-residents denounce demolitions

A shock wave was generated following the demolition operations which shook the coastline of the provinces of Agadir-Ida-Ou-Tanane, Tiznit and Chtouka Aït Baha. Giving rise to a lively controversy, these demolitions judged “ unfair » have fueled a fiery debate on land rights and social justice.

Accused of having encroached on the maritime public domain, hundreds of buildings were the target of these demolitions. The consequences are disastrous for the residents who, overnight, found themselves without a roof over their heads, thus losing decades of investment and life in these constructions. Faced with this alarming situation, the authorities have not offered any tangible alternative to affected citizens, thus accentuating the feeling of injustice and despair.

MP Nezha Abakrim of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USPF) party stood as a spokesperson for the victims of these demolitions. She called on the Interior Ministry to urgently put in place support programs. These would aim to enable affected residents to exploit the maritime public domain individually or collectively, with a view to generating income and rebuilding their lives.

The MP also highlighted “ the unfair treatment reserved by state bodies for citizens operating vessels before the delimitation of the maritime public domain “. She recalled that “ these constructions, of various forms and uses, were at the heart of the local economy. They housed primary or secondary residences, businesses, warehouses for traditional fishing professionals, and contributed significantly to the economic and tourist development of the region. “.

It is undeniable that these demolitions dealt a hard blow to the tourist image of the region known by a massive influx of visitors, in particular by depriving them of access to certain popular beaches, such as those of Tifnit, Sidi Ifni and Sidi Wassay. These beaches, once bustling with a multitude of activities and services offered by locals, are today deserted, giving way to a landscape of desolation and disenchantment.

In a written question addressed to the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, the deputy pointed out “ the lack of consideration for human dignity in these demolition actions “. “ By using public force to expel residents, the State has clearly demonstrated an imbalance between the protection of the maritime public domain and respect for the fundamental rights of citizens. It is therefore imperative for the authorities to review their approach and take into account the human and social aspect of this crisis. “, she indicated.

Likewise, Abakrim insisted on the need for the State to recognize its moral responsibility in this situation. “ The citizens, who exploited these buildings for years, under the gaze of the authorities, deserve justice and reparation. It is urgent that the State put in place concrete measures to support affected residents and professionals, by proposing rehousing solutions and alternatives for the tourism, accommodation, sports activities and traditional fishing sectors. », asks the USFP MP.

In addition, the MP called for a profound review of the laws governing the maritime public domain, often inherited from the colonial period. She advocates for a more balanced approach that respects human dignity, and urges the State to develop inclusive and just policies to meet the needs and aspirations of Moroccan citizens.



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