Huawei becomes Apple’s nightmare again

Huawei becomes Apple’s nightmare again
Huawei becomes Apple’s nightmare again

Huawei has never admitted defeat despite the restrictions imposed by the United States against it. In addition to defending itself and witnessing repeated attacks from the White House, Huawei has learned to deal with headwinds. The task promised to be difficult and the Chinese giant had to resolve to sell its subsidiary Honor or review plans for the telecoms infrastructure market in many countries.

Nearly a billion active devices for Huawei

The managers decided to bet on internal solutions and on the Chinese market, bets which today seem to be winning. The BNN Bloomberg site reports that Huawei is approaching the milestone of one billion active consumer devices. The brand claims more than 900 billion devices running HarmonyOS, as Richard Yu explains. The group’s president of consumer affairs specifies that sales of high-end Huawei smartphones increased by 72% during the first five months of 2024.

A dizzying progression to be credited to the brand’s efforts to access 5G. Slowed down by Washington, Huawei saw its rivals access this technology using American equipment. An unfortunate setback, especially since Huawei is also recognized as a global specialist in 5G equipment. The Chinese firm designed its 5G chip in-house and the Mate 60 was the brand’s first 5G smartphone in several years. A small step for the sector, but not a giant step for Huawei since no one – or almost – was banking on a return to this level. Despite the feat, the manufacturer still has a way to overshadow the best chips on the market in terms of performance.

This does not prevent the performance from attracting attention and helping Huawei to return to the top in the ranking of smartphone sellers in China.

Huawei worries Apple again in China

When the Mate 60 Pro was launched, we already explained to you that this smartphone had everything to be the new nightmare of the United States. Indeed, its SoC engraved in 7 nm with 5G surprised and Bloomberg reports that Washington officials did not imagine that Chinese companies were capable of developing such a chip.

In China, Huawei made strong progress in the first quarter of 2024 and is already hot on the heels of Apple. The arrival of the Pura 70 range could help the Chinese manufacturer progress before the arrival of the iPhone 16.

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At the end of May, we also reported that Huawei had overtaken Samsung to become the new leader in folding smartphones. A return to the forefront which goes a little unnoticed in our regions, where Huawei remains deprived of Google services. The situation does not seem to bother the Chinese giant which is banking on its local market to become essential again.

The release of the Mate 70, expected by the end of the year, should also be an opportunity to definitively turn the Android page. The manufacturer will rely on HarmonyOS Next, the operating system on which Huawei has been working for years. “No one can extinguish the light of the stars in the sky. Today, the future of HarmonyOS is mapped out »affirms Richard Yu. Note that this OS works as well on smartphones as watches or televisions, enough to allow it to be in the third force on the market, with Android and iOS.

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