Cycling. Alençon Grand Prix: a return to the city center for more spectacle

Cycling. Alençon Grand Prix: a return to the city center for more spectacle
Cycling. Alençon Grand Prix: a return to the city center for more spectacle


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June 25, 2024 at 6:14 a.m.

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After a short expatriation in a rural setting with a route around the Alençon racecoursethe management team of UC Alençon-Damigny is carrying out, “at the request of the municipality”, a refocusing.

The new edition of Grand Prix of the City of Alençon take place, Wednesday June 26on a route drawn in the streets of the hypercenter Alençonnais.

A return to basics with a modification

A municipal requirement, “normal because it is the Grand Prix de la Ville”, which will undeniably set a different pace for this traditional event. “It will be less monotonous than in recent years. The circuit was made up of straight lines. There, it’s varied and the race will be lively” warns Daniel Colombu, one of the two co-presidents of UCAD, whose arvern mustache is already twitching in advance of the spectacle to come with an exciting racing appearance .

If the test returns to the hypercenter, its outline differs slightly from the layout of the time. A road development requires the organizers to install a short circuit at Place Poulet-Malassis, with a passage via Rue des Marcheries before switching, on the left, to Rue Saint-Blaise.

Nearly 60 runners expected

Not an easy task, as Daniel Colombu points out. “Because of the roundabout and the height of the sidewalks at the intersection of Cours Clémenceau and Rue Saint-Blaise, and also so that the safety of the runners takes precedence, there is a change of circuit compared to previous years », he presents.

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The climb towards the prefecture is preserved. If it is shorter, it will be more difficult because the participants will approach it without momentum. Restarting after a turn. You will have to be strong.

Daniel Colombu, co-president of UC Alençon-Damigny

This small change is coupled with a reduction in the distance of around ten kilometers compared to what was usually done. “It’s really a criterium circuit that will please the riders,” believes Daniel Colombu.

On the starting line, we will find members of local, departmental clubs or neighboring regions. “Registrations are closed but they will be possible on the day of the race. Some people decide at the last moment and depending on the weather. »

A platoon of a large sixty of units is expected. A sufficient figure because some passages of the circuit will take place in alleys. Interesting, too, because it allows for a great fight to win the pompom and a great show.

For which profile?

So what profile for the winner: puncher, sprinter, roller or climber? A question that the alert septuagenarian, shrouded in all his cycling experience, evades: “The race is open on a selective circuit. A fairly strong guy, because there are a lot of challenges and it’s selective, can win. But we can’t really know. That’s the question mark. »

In any case, there are none who come to attend, alone, accompanied or with family, this unique local cycling event, which deserves great popular support.

Alençon Grand Prix: Wednesday June 26, from 8 p.m., in Alençon city center. Departure and arrival: rue Saint-Blaise. Distance: 70 kilometers (50 laps of 1.6 km). Categories: 2-3 Open and Access.

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