PAMist Minister Leila Benali in the “crosshairs” of the tabloids because of a controversial photo –

History of a photo in Paris. The Moroccan Minister of Energy, Leila Benali does not lack energy because she travels a lot to the four corners of the planet, including Paris to attend international conferences and symposia or simply meet her counterparts on strategic issues relating to energy. ‘energy. This is normal because it is part of his daily work and his mission within the Akhannouch government.

In short, but it’s in Paris where a photo was taken by a paparazzi, some time ago, which has the popular press talking. And for good reason, it shows the Australian billionaire, Andrew Forest in a loving embrace with a lady of a certain age. The British tabloid ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘The Australian’ based in Sydney, were the first to claim that it is the minister who appears in this photo, despite the fact that we do not see the face of the lady in question .

Two Moroccan sites, Le Desk and Goud, have taken over but with great caution.

Responding to a question from the journalist of the Arabic-speaking site Goud on this subject, Ms. Benali promised to “respond” to the tabloids’ allegations, specifying that they had been “tracking” her since last year.

To be continued…

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