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Teddy, 10 years old, is going through an ordeal because of… an emoji used on iPhone: “I find it offensive, it makes me sad and upsets me”

The little boy wants to make things happen since he believes that the small pictogram used in messages about Apple products is stigmatizing.

BBC video capture

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Published on 11/30/2023 at 11:20

Teddy is a 10 year old English boy. A handsome little boy living in Peppard, Oxfordshire, who is distinguished by two physical characteristics: glasses and fairly prominent front teeth. While he has no problem with that, Teddy does have a problem with Apple’s view of nerds.


What is used as a derogatory term to designate, according to the Larousse definition, “a person whose obsessive passion, generally for mathematics and computer science, often leads to living on the margins of society” benefits from its own emoji on Apple brand phones. And the representation of him looks a little too much… like Teddy.

“It makes me sad and upset. I find it offensive and I am sure that thousands of people around the world will also find it offensive,” he comments in a report filmed by the BBC. “Apple is making it horrible for people who wear glasses. The brand makes people believe that people who wear glasses are nerds!”

“I like wearing glasses”

The little boy therefore wants to shake things up and force the iPhone manufacturer to change its pictogram representing people with glasses with its own version of the emoji. On Teddy’s little man, the toothy smile is replaced by a small closed smile and a thinner frame. “I like wearing glasses because they allow me to see better, and they are beautiful and elegant,” he explains.

Teddy said that if Apple took his ideas on board it would be “amazing and I would be so excited” but, as of yet, the company has not responded to the BBC who contacted it for reaction.



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