Ludivine (Married at First Sight) lifts the veil on her love life

Ludivine (Married at First Sight) lifts the veil on her love life
Ludivine (Married at First Sight) lifts the veil on her love life

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Eight months after the filming of Married at first sight, Ludivine and Raphaël will finally lift the veil on their current relationship. While waiting to watch the final episode this Monday, June 24, the 33-year-old entrepreneur opens up about her love life.

Viewers of Married at first sight were impatiently awaiting the final episode of the season, broadcast this Monday June 24 on M6, although some were able to see it in preview on M6+. An episode which shows the reunion between Ludivine and Raphaël after the announcement of their divorce. Convinced that they have missed out on a great story, Ludivine suggests a final meeting with her ex-husband in order to rekindle their bond. Despite his evolution and his efforts, Raphaël, touched by his changes, decides not to give their relationship another chance. “With everything that happened, for me, it’s unimaginable”he admitted. “The way I look at her now is different. With everything that’s happened, there’s no longer the little spark, the chemistry that there was at the beginning when we met . I simply no longer look at her with the eyes of a husband.”

Ludivine delighted to have participated in Married at first sight

Although they maintain friendly ties, the love story between Ludivine and Raphaël is well and truly over. The single mother, business manager in consulting and business management, slowly returned to the course of her life, eight months after the filming of Married at first sight. Very close to her Instagram subscribers, she regularly engages in question-and-answer sessions. This Sunday, June 23, Ludivine said she loved the experience : “It was just an incredible thing to experience in your life and so nourishing on a human level.” Although her marriage to Raphaël ended in failure, she claims to be happy to this day.

Ludivine (Married at first sight): “I haven’t rebuilt a home since.”

In the stories that scroll, she shares a question from a follower who asks for details about her singlehood. It’s been eight years since I separated from my daughter’s father. That doesn’t mean that I’ve been alone for eight years and haven’t known love. To say I’m single is because I haven’t rebuilt a home since. But I had relationships for two years etc. I always left because these relationships were unconstructive and ultimately harmful. Hence my registration with MAPR”she indicated.

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