“A Little Something Extra” Crosses the 8 Million Admissions Mark

“A Little Something Extra” Crosses the 8 Million Admissions Mark
“A Little Something Extra” Crosses the 8 Million Admissions Mark

L’ascension d’A little something extra continues. Artus’ feature film reached a new milestone this weekend, as he announced.

And eight! A little something extra, the surprise cinematic phenomenon of the year, exceeded 8 million admissions. It was Artus, screenwriter, director and main actor of this feature film, who announced it on Sunday June 30 on Instagram.

“8 milliooooooooons,” he wrote. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this story is truly CRAZY! I love you! Thank you for your support, thank you for your messages! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

A little something extra follows two thugs on the run (Artus and Clovis Cornillac) who hide in the middle of a summer camp for young people with mental disabilities. These encounters will turn their lives upside down.

Most of the actors in the film have a disability themselves. This feel-good comedy aims to laugh about disability with those mainly concerned, and not at their expense.

Uninterrupted race for success

In theaters since May 1, A little something extra has been racking up almost a million admissions per week since then. Biggest hit of the year ahead of Dune 2 and its 4.33 million admissions, the French film becomes, thanks to the 8 million milestone, the 29th biggest success in French cinema, just ahead The fifth Element (7,705,756 entries) and The Bélier Family (7.699.735 entrées).

A little something extra has already overtaken several major successes of French cinema including The truth if I lie! 2 (7,4 millions), Rabbi Jacob (7.2 million) or even The goat (7 million) and The three brothers (6,6 millions).

The prospect of 10 million entries is getting closer. The Cinema Festival, launched on Sunday, with tickets for 5 euros, could further boost cinema admissions. This threshold has not been reached by a French film since What have we done to God? in 2014.

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