Here are the 30 best restaurants in Bordeaux according to a recent ranking

Here are the 30 best restaurants in Bordeaux according to a recent ranking
Here are the 30 best restaurants in Bordeaux according to a recent ranking


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Jul 1, 2024 at 12:27 PM

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On June 25, 2024, the company Sunday, which specializes in payment solutions designed for restaurants, released a ranking of the best French restaurants based on Google Reviews ratings.

Osteria Palatino, an Italian restaurant located on Rue de la Merci in Bordeaux, is ending at the first place of the top 150 Bordeaux restaurants with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Next up is the French House cocktail bar, with the same score of 4.8 from 2,262 reviews, and the Swedish brunch Suzzi, also rated 4.8 from 1,716 reviews.

Each restaurant’s score calculated by an algorithm

To establish this ranking, the French start-up developed an algorithm generating a Google Reviews score for each restaurant analyzed. While “some regions are close to exhaustive”, the company cannot “guarantee complete coverage”, it explains in a press release.

Twelve French metropolises were analyzed by the algorithm. Sunday also achieved its ranking in the United States and the United Kingdom, for a total of 100 000 restaurants recorded in the three countries, including France.

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The number of reviews is decisive in the score that the algorithm gives to an address. This is why we find the Son’ restaurant in fourth place with a rating (4.9/5) which is nevertheless superior to that of the Palatine (4.8).

The Son’ has only 877 reviews on Google Reviews while the Palatino has 10,148.

The complete ranking of the 30 best restaurants in Bordeaux according to Sunday:

  1. Palatine
  2. Frensh House
  3. Suzzi
  4. Restaurant Son’
  5. Heiko – Poké Bowl & sushi burrito
  6. Modjo
  7. Little cute
  8. Le Petit Atelier des Faures
  9. The Wine Bar
  10. One evening in Shibuya
  11. Pizza Nofa
  12. Nana’s Court
  13. The Liegeoise
  14. Bao Burger Ramen
  15. Luna Restaurant
  16. The Fine Mouth
  17. Backyard
  18. Heiko – Poke & Ice Bowl Bar
  19. Arcade
  20. Dad’s burgers
  21. The Fourth Wall
  22. The rib steak
  23. G The Dalle
  24. Loco By Jem’s
  25. National Cell
  26. PB Braised Chicken Bordeaux
  27. Hi everyone
  28. Fufu Ramen
  29. Dad Lello
  30. Zinc side

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