origins, private life, child, Europe 1… everything you need to know

origins, private life, child, Europe 1… everything you need to know
origins, private life, child, Europe 1… everything you need to know

Happy birthday to Gaspard Proust. The divisive columnist from Europe 1 celebrates his 48th birthday on June 30, 2024. Here are his secrets.

Gaspard Proust turns 48 on June 30. He started as a wealth manager in Switzerland and then he gave it all up for humor. The actor and comedian is famous for his grating, right-wing style, even though he claims not to be. He has been working for years on the Bolloré media, classified on the right and sometimes even on the far right, Europe 1. Here is what you need to know about him.

What are the origins of Gaspard Proust?

Gaspard Proust was born in Yugoslavia where he grew up. His mother is Swiss. He joined his father in Algeria at the age of 12. The latter had been expatriated there. There, he attended a French primary school. After an attack in 1994, he left the country for France, in Aix-en-Provence, where he would finish his studies. He has the image of a bourgeois childhood that annoys him.It’s completely the opposite: I come from a modest family. Since I went through Switzerland, I was given all the fantasies related to this country, and people imagine that I arrived in Paris with a Rolex.” he explained in Marie Claire.

Who is Gaspard Proust’s partner?

Gaspard Proust is said to be in a relationship with Caroline Frey, a famous oenologist. She is said to be the owner of Château Larcis Ducasse, a grand cru classé of Saint-Emilion. In Le Figarowe learn that his sweetheart graduated top of her class at the Faculty of Oenology in Bordeaux. It was therefore quite natural that her father, Jean-Jacques Frey, one of the 500 largest French fortunes, entrusted her with the management of one of his largest and most prestigious vineyards.

Is Gaspard Proust married?

Gaspard Proust is not married.If I decide, I can get married tomorrow. Or never. I’m not anti. (…) But getting married is not my goal ” he said in Marie Claire. He also has a very personal vision of this commitment. “I saw it as a nice party, living together through experimentation. You can say, ‘I will always love you.’ But not, ‘I will always desire you.'” he confided in the women’s monthly.

Is Gaspard Proust a dad?

No, Gaspard Proust does not have any children at the moment, but he does not refuse the idea of ​​becoming a father one day.I don’t see the child as a project, but as something that happens or doesn’t happen. That way, the day he asks me why I did it, I’ll answer him: ‘It’s not me, it’s you. It happened like that, you are totally responsible, so you take charge’” he said, smiling. More seriously, he admitted as he approached his 40th birthday that he didn’t have “of the paternal biological clock at all“.



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