Six students of Moroccan origin pass a French exam thanks to a Var association

Six students of Moroccan origin pass a French exam thanks to a Var association
Six students of Moroccan origin pass a French exam thanks to a Var association

The FACE Var association, working against social exclusion, has for several years been offering French lessons and taking a language exam, which six members have taken advantage of.

Here they are holders of an A2 French language study diploma (CAP and BEP equivalent level) or B1 (B2 being the baccalaureate level).

It was during an afternoon snack with the presentation of certificates of success that Virginie Peffredo, the manager of the social life space, and Huong Alsina, one of the French teachers, exchanged with them, laughter , feelings about this year of learning and homemade oriental pastries.

This language training is part of the OEPRE initiative (Opening schools to parents for children’s success), in partnership with national education.

“We are together, we succeed together”

These are six women of Moroccan origin, aged between 25 and 40, who arrived in France several years ago, who followed the Thursday classes provided by the association.

They sometimes have professional objectives, in order to follow training, take a new job, or more personal ones, or even the time they give to themselves. “I changed my entire schedule to go to classes. Thursday is a day for me, I learn for me”, says Hayat, who has just obtained his B1 certification.

The courses are taught all day and everyone manages to combine them with their job or family life: “It’s not just for learning, psychologically it feels good. We return home with great… energy”, added Layla.

This beautiful atmosphere is precisely what convinced them. Layla admits to having tested a few Var centers and she stayed in Hyères because she felt good there.

“It’s more human than professional,” she explains. To which Virginie Peffredo adds: “We had a lot of laughs”. The manager is delighted with this “friendly atmosphere so they can express themselves”.

All eyes are on Sana, very shy at the start of the year (which she admits), who came out of her shell thanks to the encouragement; She graduated with 93 points out of 100.

Six candidates, six graduates

The Val des Rougières social life space therefore has six new graduates. They also owe this success to Huong Alsina, a French teacher in Vietnam first, passionate about educational research and delighted to work with a new audience.

The young women took several mock positioning tests and then exercise tests in order to prepare. A technique that has borne fruit since “if I succeeded, it’s thanks to the tests, thank you”, assure Layla.

But above all, they owe their success to their determination: “She’s a hard worker,” proclaims the teacher about one of these students. “At night, I dreamed in French”, “I was rehearsing the oral with my husband the day before” or “I force myself to speak French at home”, add others…

A success crowned with a certificate and a growing ambition because everyone returns to classes at the start of the school year to advance to the next level.



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