major cleaning campaign ahead of Eid

major cleaning campaign ahead of Eid
major cleaning campaign ahead of Eid

The said plan aims to expand waste collection, intensify disinfection efforts and raise awareness of the importance of adopting environmentally friendly behaviors.

In this context, the company Casa Baia, in coordination with local authorities and cleaning companies, launched a disinfection and cleaning campaign in the district of Roches Noires, in order to fight against various insects, rodents and vectors. of diseases.

This operation concerned the district’s pilot market, the surroundings of the Al-Quds mosque, where the Eid prayer will be held, as well as the adjacent garden.

On this occasion, the head of this operation at Casa Baia, Mohamed Haris, underlined, in a statement to MAP, that all these actions and preparations are taking place according to a pre-established program, specifying that significant logistical and human resources have been mobilized. to clean and disinfect livestock sales points and mosques and places reserved for Eid prayer.

For these operations, 10 multifunction robots and 5 motorcycles (quads) were made available to facilitate access to narrow and difficult passages and axes, in addition to manual and electric pumping equipment and insecticides.

Stressing that this operation also coincided with the measures in force during the summer season, as well as the holding of baccalaureate exams, Mr. Haris stressed that this program covers the entire economic capital, including several key areas, namely: Hay Hassani, Aïn Chock, Sidi Belyout, Maârif, Mers Sultan, Sidi Othmane, Sbata, Moulay Rachid, Sidi Moumen, Bernoussi, Aïn Sebaâ, El Fida, Roches Noires and Hay Mohammadi.

For his part, Mustapha Boujedra, seller at the Roches Noires pilot market, urged citizens to avoid throwing garbage and sheep remains in the street on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, in order to help agents of cleanliness to fulfill their duty optimally, maintain the cleanliness of the neighborhood and eliminate nuisances and bad odors.

Note that this campaign is part of an action plan launched by the Casablanca Municipal Council aimed at strengthening the waste collection program and intensifying disinfection efforts, while raising awareness of the importance to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors, thus ensuring sustainable waste management on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha.

For this operation, which takes place under the slogan “The cleanliness of our Eid… The happiness of our city”, around 6,000 cleaning agents and more than 1,040 machines were mobilized to manage waste. Added to this is the distribution of 120 tonnes of biodegradable plastic bags.

And for any emergency, Casablanca Baïa provides citizens with a free toll-free number 0800004545in order to receive complaints or provide various information regarding the cleanliness of the city.



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