five people were arrested

The investigation was carried out by the Federal Judicial Police (PJF) of Limburg, under the direction of the investigating judge of Tongeren. During the searches, Limburg investigators collaborated with the Beringen-Ham-Tessenderlo police zone, the PJF of Liège and Namur, the General Administration of Customs and Excise, as well as the patrol dogs of the Directorate of canine support from the federal police.


“These searches are part of a vast investigation carried out against a criminal organization involved in the discoloration of heating oil,” underlines the Limburg public prosecutor’s office. “A professional mobile bleaching installation was discovered in a warehouse in Namur, as well as 2,000 kg of bleaching products. Inspectors also seized three luxury vehicles, a tanker truck, a trailer and a truck equipped with a mobile filter system. This installation represents a unique discovery.”

“The damage caused by this fraud amounts to millions of euros,” continues the prosecution. “The fraud concerns millions of liters of fuel oil, and the organization generates around 18,000 euros in illegal profits in terms of excise duties and VAT for 10,000 liters of discolored fuel oil. In addition, very serious environmental pollution has been caused in the region, due to the release of toxic waste. Five people were arrested. »

The press magistrate added that 40 searches and 18 arrests had already been carried out last year as part of this investigation.



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