Azura launches the sauces and pestos “Oh Chérie!” –

Azura is launching special tomato sauces and pestos in supermarkets (France)! In fact, they are cherry tomato sauces and pestos! Traditionally used in salads or other fresh starters, cherry tomatoes are now found in sauces! Discover “Oh Darling!” » .

Azura is a flagship of Moroccan agriculture. The company is now moving into sauces and pestos. Widely used in making sauces, traditional round tomatoes are replaced by cherry tomatoes for the first time. Indeed “Oh Honey! » challenges conventions and chooses the cherry tomato for its distinctive taste: juicier, sweeter and slightly more tangy, this variety offers an ideal base for a high-end sauce. The brand’s promise is tempting: sauces without artifice, where additives and artificial flavors become superfluous thanks to the natural richness of the fruit.

The “Oh Honey!” approach. » is clear: select cherry tomatoes picked when ripe and simmer them gently to preserve all their flavor and freshness. The result? A taste experience that exceeds expectations. But the offer of “Oh Honey!” » is not limited to tomato sauces; the brand also offers two red pesto recipes, further expanding the range of possibilities.

The editorial team makes the choice: Pesto Calabrese!

We always need a smaller than itself » says the adage, but to make a delicious Calabrese pesto, you especially need a smaller tomato than usual! This is precisely the promise that Oh Chérie makes! This sauce is exclusively made using cherry tomatoes picked when ripe and therefore necessarily very tasty.

This ultra creamy calabrese pesto sauce, without additives and other flavorings, promises meals that could not be more memorable. We can already imagine our toasted bread covered in this sauce on which we can then place a few slices of prosciutto or even our generous plate of fusilli alla calabrese and garnished with a nice ball of burrata… mama mia!



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