Laurent Lafitte: couple, children… What do we know about his private life?

Laurent Lafitte: couple, children… What do we know about his private life?
Laurent Lafitte: couple, children… What do we know about his private life?

He bows out. After twelve years of shining on the stages of the Comédie Française, Laurent Lafitte said goodbye on April 29, at the end of the performance of the play Cyrano de Bergeracin which he played the main role since December 2023. According to information reported by Release, the actor plans to devote himself to new projects: cinema or series? This remains to be determined. Recently, Laurent Lafitte shone in the Netflix program Tapie, where he played the controversial businessman. But while he is now attracting the spotlight, what do we know about the private life of this actor who has just turned an important page in his career?

Former resident of the Comédie-Française, former master of ceremonies at the Césars or the Cannes Film Festival, star of the seventh art and gifted with devastating humor, Laurent Lafitte excels in all media and knows the recipe for success like the back of his hand. Sometimes on the stage at the theater, sometimes on the small screen, even through the one man show, the one who celebrated his 50th birthday on August 22, 2023, has largely proven that his talent has no limits. But if the actor knows how to highlight his titanic career, he lives much more discreet about his private life. This is what we know about Laurent Lafitte.

⋙ Laurent Lafitte, seducer in spite of himself

Laurent Lafitte wishes to remain discreet about his private life

Laurent Lafitte makes no secret of it: he wants to remain discreet about his private life. In an interview given to Marie Claire in 2021 the actor spoke on this subject: “From a pragmatic point of view, I think an actor has an interest in secrecy. (…) When I see these actors who never stop talking about politics or their private lives, it takes away all my desire to see them play. he revealed.

The love life of Laurent Lafitte

A question is on everyone’s lips: is Laurent Lafitte in a relationship? The latest news is that the actor is in a relationship. In an interview given to Marie Claire in March 2015, the main person concerned silenced the doubt. “Today, I am in a relationship, but I like to maintain a private life. I also have female friends, with whom I enter into more intimate conversations” he conceded to our colleagues. He still agreed to reveal having baptized the chosen one of his heart “my baby. However, since 2015, Laurent Lafitte has not confided again about his life as a couple. Is this relationship still going on? Doubt still hovers over the question.

Does Laurent Lafitte have children?

No, Laurent Lafitte is not a dad. Yet the actor thinks about it… During an interview with the media Psychologies magazine in 2017, the fifty-year-old said he was thinking about starting a family: “Having a child, I think about it more and more because I’m getting to an age where I’m doing fewer and fewer things for the first time : I tell myself that it must be nice to accompany a little being on their “first times””. The actor, however, continued by indicating that it was not a “compelling desire“.

Laurent Lafitte also asked questions about paternity. “Then I ask myself: what if I don’t get along with my son or daughter? Because it has to happen sometimes. Could I handle it? What do we do in these cases?”, he confided to our colleagues. But a priori, the hypothesis of having or not having a child has been decided. In the Figaro Madamat the question What is your eco-friendly gesture?the actor declared: “Not having children.

Laurent Lafitte and Marina Foïs: friends or lovers?

We saw them more accomplices than ever in Dad or Mom. And yet, Marina Foïs and Laurent Lafitte are no more than friends. In an interview given to Marie Claire, the actor revealed that they have been around and liked each other for a very long time. “Until I was 26, friends were my top priority. The first thing I did in the morning was call them. What I prefer to do with them. Laughter, the most essential complicity. We laugh a lot. We have a bit of a crude sense of humor. I also like big meals at each other’s houses. Marina Foïs is a killer, with her, it’s gastronomic level. So, she puts pressure on me.




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