15 tonnes of waste and 8 wrecks removed from Lapin Blanc

Cleaning operation of the water body in the Aiguillon sector – White Rabbit at La Teste de Buch.

By Prefectural decree dated July 7, 2023, the area located between Aiguillon and Lapin Blanc, in the commune of La Teste de Buch, entered the management perimeter of the Syndicat Mixte des Ports du Bassin d’Arcachon (SMPBA ), in continuity with the port of La Teste center.

As with each management takeover, the Joint Syndicate firstly established an inventory of the site and then scheduled cleaning, depollution and security interventions to be carried out, in the hope of being able to undertake projects in the future. development, depending on its financial capabilities.

For around ten days, a major cleaning operation was carried out internally by SMPBA agents, in order to remove the wrecks and macro-waste present on the site, right next to the Pôle Nautique. No less than 8 wrecks, 15 tonnes of ordinary industrial waste, 500 kgs of tires and 400 kgs of scrap metal were thus extracted from the body of water.

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