The new AMI application which revolutionizes the relationship between caregivers and their loved ones being cared for

Remind your loved one to drink during the day, to take their medication at a fixed time or to get regular updates… These are the actions that punctuate the daily lives of the 11 million caregivers in France, which can weigh on their mental burden, especially when they are active. To facilitate the relationship between caregivers and those being cared for, Les Béquilles du Cognitif, an ESS company, has developed AMI, an application specially designed for elderly or disabled people wishing to stay at home and requiring daily assistance. Since March 2023, 305 pairs have already adopted the AMI application, testifying to its growing success.

An application to extend the presence of caregivers with their loved ones

Available via a subscription of 29.90 euros per monththe AMI application, for “Interactive Memory Assistant”, is available in two versions:

  • FRIEND Helper: on smartphone, this version allows the caregiver to remotely program reminders to plan daily activities, or even call your loved one at any time, by video call with automatic answering. The solution thus provides the caregiver with support in their daily helping mission, and helps to lighten their mental load.
  • FRIEND Helped: on any type of tablet (IOS or Android), this version dedicated to loved ones receiving assistance acts as an Interactive Memory Assistant for anyone suffering from fragilities. Once installed, AMI Aidé takes possession of the tablet. Simple to use with a minimum of handling on the part of the person being cared for, it is suitable for people with cognitive disabilities and loss of autonomy.

Thanks to these two interconnected applications, the caregiver can create personalized reminders, whether recurring or not, including selfie videos for an ultra-personalized experience. Whether reminding people to take medication, remembering to hydrate or preparing for a medical appointment, AMI extends the caregiver’s presence even when they are not physically present.

These messages are in the form of a selfie video supported by text and a personalized photo. The caregiver embodies all the messages for his or her help to optimize acceptance. AMI stimulates the person being cared for and encourages them to regain autonomy in certain daily tasks, and thus allows them to extend their stay at home.

In an approach of ecological responsibility, AMI works on any tablet, even if it is not recent. This notably allows the use of reconditioned equipment, in order to reuse existing equipment, limiting the initial investment and thus contributing to the reduction of electronic waste.

AMI, a solution for companies wishing to support their caring employees

Support for helping employees is also a reality for companies, since 61% of caregivers workaccording to the OCIRP Employee Caregivers Observatory 2023. 62% of them declare themselves exhausted according to this same study, with an average weekly workload of 10.5 hours which can have consequences on their concentration and efficiency.

AMI is an innovative solution, which can be made available to helping employees to support them on a daily basis, by allowing them to keep in touch with their loved one and coordinate each activity remotely, in order to reassure them and reduce trips to their loved one’s home. ugly.

Seniors - Touchscreen tablet - New technologies

AMI was thus chosen in September 2023 by the ÉCLAT professional branch, which represents 14,000 companies and 285,000 employees. in the professions of Education, Culture, Leisure and Animation. The application is now integrated into the ÉCLAT health and welfare guarantees of HARMONIE MUTUELLE ESS, AESIO, Ag2r LA MONDIALE, APICIL, MALAKOFF HUMANIS, UMANENS, MUTAMI, La Mutuelle Familiale, Mutualia and OCIRP to support the sector’s helping employees ÉCLAT, and thus prevent their exhaustion and the risk of job loss.

The cognitive crutches

While one in four French people will be caregivers by 2030, this reality is also imposed on companies which must take up this public health issue. It is crucial to support the employees concerned — most often women — to prevent them from leaving their jobs. The objective of AMI is to enable caregivers not to isolate themselves while guaranteeing optimal follow-up for the people they care for. This is why we are happy to have established a partnership with the professional branch ÉCLAT, but also with several mutual societies, including the Mutuelle MUTAMI group Unalis and La France Mutualiste, which have become our shareholders.

Cybelle Stefani-Rosé – General Director of Cognitive Crutches

I find that the AMI application is very practical because my mother no longer knows how to pick up her phone. With AMI, I can call her without her having to do anything. She sees me, I see her, and we have a normal, stress-free conversation. The reminder function for recurring activities is practical, because I don’t need to call it systematically, which makes my daily life easier.

Laurence – caregiver to her mother

This article was published by the Editorial Team on

June 17, 2024



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