HELP 40 years of struggle – Getting old can be scary

AIDES campaign designed by Strike

TV, digital, press, display device

First broadcast May 2, 2024

AIDES, the first association to fight HIV/AIDS in France and Europe, is launching a campaign designed by Strike to mark its 40th anniversary. Beyond celebrating the association’s forty years of combat and commitment, medical and social progress, the anniversary campaign highlights a reality ignored by many: today an HIV-positive person under treatment can live and age, without risk of HIV transmission. The film directed by Ariela Dorf (See) delicately depicts people confronted with their mirror which reflects back to them an image marked by the passing of time. People living with HIV discovering the aging that marks their face and their body, but which also marks a victory in the fight against HIV/AIDS. “Getting old can be scary. However, we couldn’t wish you anything more beautiful.” A sensitive and moving ode to life, to the lives of those for whom AIDES has never stopped fighting, and for all those who will continue to fight/live tomorrow.



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