advertising for unauthorized patches suspended by health authorities

advertising for unauthorized patches suspended by health authorities
advertising for unauthorized patches suspended by health authorities

The standoff has been going on for almost five years now between the Medicines and Health Products Safety Agency and Poitevin pharmacy professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan.

In a decision made public this Thursday, May 16, 2024, the ANSM has just suspended the advertising and exploitation of patches launched by the company Sodeval. She tested them outside of any framework, at the Sainte-Croix Abbey in Poitiers, on some 350 volunteers.

Suspensions lifted in court

It was the starting point of a case combining health and justice, marked by the arrest, indictment and even, for a time, the placement in pre-trial detention of the now octogenarian professor.

These tests which it deemed illegal, the ANSM had suspended them in 2019, but the administrative justice had considered that this suspension was unnecessary.

Patches considered as a medicine with effects never evaluated

The administrative court had rejected the company’s request requesting the annulment of the ban on research and the suspension of manufacturing. The Bordeaux Administrative Court of Appeal overturned this judgment and ruled in favor of Sodeval.

The latest court decision dates back to last November, when the Council of State rejected the medicines agency’s appeal.

The Josefa fund therefore followed its logic and launched, via the company Sodeval, subscriptions to finance the production of the patches and their advertising.

No authorization

This patch is presented as a preventive and curative treatment against cancers, AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even multiple sclerosis.

The ANSM considers that these allegations make it a medicine, but it has not been the subject of any marketing authorization or independent evaluation of its effects.

“The targeted patients, suffering from serious pathologies, whose state of health may also represent increased vulnerability, must be treated with proven treatments, the benefits and risks of which have been evaluated by the health authorities”writes the ANSM.

Emmanuel Coupaye



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