The LHC epic like a magical Christmas night

The LHC epic like a magical Christmas night
The LHC epic like a magical Christmas night

The LHC epic like a magical Christmas night

Emanuele Alfani – Theologian

Published today at 6:22 a.m.

The morning of Act VII of the play-offs of the Swiss ice hockey championship, an ardent supporter of the LHC forum posted a message with the eminently evocative title: “It’s like Christmas Eve.” Yes, Christmas, the light of a child’s eyes waiting for a long-awaited gift, the communion of a found family, the enthusiasm of a birth, festive songs “all together” around a tree.

One might believe that a sporting event only has a fun and superficial value, limiting the thing to a physical feat now inserted into a monster lucrative business system. In reality, sport sometimes transcends the materiality of life to create higher dynamics of a human and why not spiritual order.

Living in the present moment, accepting the unacceptable and saying yes to life, learning from crisis situations, dying and becoming, knowing yourself better and rising, are these not also the values ​​shared by the wisdom of the world?

What is at the origin of the fantastic epic of the LHC is neither the fortune of a rich generous patron nor the intrinsic quality of players that no one expected at this level. Beyond the immense sporting and professional skills, what transformed this team into a Swiss vice-champion with a sparkling game is the generosity and discretion, the humility of each club manager, the ability to create a real team and family spirit, within a group with obvious multi-colored differences.

Regardless of financial capabilities and sporting strategies, it is often the feeling of belonging to a common cause, the enthusiasm of living a great adventure together, the pride of defending the same colors, the feeling of being respected and valued. , which make the difference. Breathing soul into a team makes the impossible possible, the ordinary extraordinary, life an art of living.

Sacred LHC, capable of thwarting any harmful prognosis, of stirring the hearts of an entire people and bringing out the most beautiful tones. Like a victory, emotions over rationality, invisible spirit over matter, joy of living over the gloom of everyday life. We saw them, strangers smiling at each other and holding hands, shy temperaments finally letting go, old men and kids hopping around together; what happiness!

Liberating experience

In a digitized, virtual and robotic world, the liberating experience is made of shedding a tear or simply believing in a possible dream. This is because each precisely oriented passion arises from an interior space that recalls the best of oneself and the infinite. Nothing mental or scientifically calculated, just an atmosphere suddenly humanized.

Thus, even the shattered backdrop of life and supposed failure surprisingly exudes a strange sweetness. No matter the ending, victory or defeat, this story is looked at eye to eye, with respect, it tells of noble knights with big red and white hearts, on a magical Christmas night.

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