Around 100 new medical graduates at the University of Manitoba

One hundred and six University of Manitoba medical students graduated Thursday in Winnipeg. A majority of them will stay in Manitoba to complete their residency, including a few in French and English.

Among them is the valedictorian of this 2024 class, Gem Newman. Aged 39, this Winnipeg resident chose to follow a bilingual program, given in both English and French. For him, this day is the culmination of several years of hard work.


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Gem Newman, a doctor who recently graduated from a bilingual program, says he is ready to welcome the new challenges linked to this profession, both in the city and in rural areas.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Lindsay Gueï

He had the opportunity to give the closing speech of this ceremony, in particular to remind his colleagues of the values ​​and challenges surrounding medicine, without forgetting the commitment they will have towards their future patients. [C’était l’occasion] to talk to other graduates, and to talk about things that are just as important to them as they are to mehe said.

The new doctor took the opportunity to discuss the increased needs of this sector. According to him, we should communicate more with health professionals in order to better understand their needs.

More family doctors nearing retirementhe says, while recognizing the efforts of the provincial government and the University of Manitoba to create more places for medical and family medicine students.

Furthermore, there are several like him who have chosen family medicine in this cohort, another point that makes Gem Newman smile and makes him optimistic for the future.

The new doctor will practice both in town and in rural areas. He will make his residence between the Saint-Boniface district, in Winnipeg, and Sainte-Anne.

A cohort like no other

In the eyes of Dr. Peter Nickerson, dean of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and dean of the Max Rady College of Medicine, this cohort is worth celebrating.

This particular group started […] practically in the middle of the pandemic. They had a completely different experience, and the fact that they were able to complete and pass all of their exams to be ready to take the next step is a huge accomplishment.he emphasizes, proud of his students.


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Dean of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and Dean of the Max Rady College of Medicine, Dr. Peter Nickerson

Photo: Radio-Canada / Lindsay Gueï

We have a Francophone population, a Franco-Manitoban population whose needs we must also meet. It is therefore very important for us to have a sector that allows teaching in French.

A quote from Dr. Peter Nickerson, Dean of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and Dean of the Max Rady College of Medicine

The dean of the faculty would like to recall the importance of having such a program, which extends to rural areas of Manitoba. In particular, this allows for students to practice French during their residency in family medicinehe points out.

According to him, the Francophone community in Manitoba is dynamic, and it should not be ignored. Consequently, future health professionals should not only be trained in English, but in French as well. It’s really important that we take this into accounthe concludes.

In total, 205 students came from different health streams at the University of Manitoba. In addition to the 106 graduates from the College of Medicine, 40 are from the College of Pharmacy, 35 from the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry and 24 from the School of Dental Hygiene.



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