Drawing competition: The Burki Prize is in Geneva and passes through Taiwan

The Burki Prize is Geneva and passes through Taiwan

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From his studies in philosophy, Lucas Junod Bustillo is particularly fond of aesthetics, the subject of his master’s degree. And that’s good, because he doesn’t miss them when he picks up his pencils to indulge in his other passion, drawing. The 27-year-old autodidact received the 2024 Burki Prize on Friday, May 17, for “Red Card for Taiwan,” which won over the jury “with its graphic composition, its visual impact, its incisive point of view and relevant to current political events, as well as its astute appropriation of the imposed theme.”

The Geneva student takes the crown this year, having obtained the Encouragement Prize during the 2e edition, last year. In addition to the cash sum of 1,500 francs, he obtained the trophy designed by the Vaud press cartoonist Valott – a regular of this newspaper whose readers can see his creations on page 2 every Saturday – as well as a contract for the production and the publication, over four Fridays, of a press cartoon in the pages of “24 Heures”, a partner of the Prize.

During the 2023 Burki Prize, Lucas Junod Bustillo won the Encouragement Prize for his “Fête du Rösti – Considerable upstream work”.

“I was inspired pretty quickly after seeing a documentary about triads in China. The images bounced around in my mind as I searched for an idea on the theme of the competition, “Red Card”. I was happy because I also registered for the BDFIL competition, and nothing has come for three weeks! But when the idea arrives, the drawing follows by itself.”

Growing up in the countryside between Geneva and neighboring France gave the lonely teenager a taste for pencils. His father’s library too, notably a reference that people under 30 no longer cite frequently: Gotlib! The “Rubrique-à-brac” and its way of rendering the expressions of the characters in black and white inspired me a lot. More than press cartoons, I admit, although I find this exercise valuable. He is aiming for comics and plans to release his first album next year, after having produced numerous fanzines.

2e price

“Local businesses in free fall,” by Robin Kreienbuhl.

The second prize, worth 1,000 francs, is awarded to Robin Kreienbuhl, 25, from Palézieux, for his work entitled “Local businesses in free falls”.

3e price

The third prize (value 500 francs) goes to Max Chamay known as Elmax, 22 years old, from Versoix for “Death of Navalny”, a striking achievement despite his economy of means.

“Death of Navalny”, by Elmax.

But still…

A special mention is given to Fiona Waldburger, aged 21 and living in Confignon, for her work “The Disfigured Théodule Glacier”. The jury was keen to distinguish the original idea of ​​this production, its humor and its narrative tension.

“The Disfigured Théodule Glacier”, by Fiona Waldburger.

Created in the fall of 2021 in memory of press cartoonist Burki (1949-2016), the Fondation du Trait is dedicated to promoting his work and that of press cartoons in general. In order to encourage the emergence of new talents, it has set up an annual competition aimed at 15-30 year olds from all over Switzerland.

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