Giusti, Benedetti and Tixier revive the “Republican Front”

Giusti, Benedetti and Tixier revive the “Republican Front”
Giusti, Benedetti and Tixier revive the “Republican Front”

In the RN/NFP duel, the three centrist elected officials of La Ciotat (opposition and majority) declare themselves “in favor” of Le Ciotaden Bernard Ourgoulou-Oglou (PS). Unlike the mayor (LR) of La Ciotat who calls for “neither-nor”.

On Sunday, July 7, 2024, voters in the 9th constituency of Bouches-du-Rhône, comprising eight municipalities including Aubagne and La Ciotat, will have to choose between the outgoing National Rally MP, favorite according to the results of the first round with 45.20%, Joëlle Melin and Bernard Ourgoulou-Oglou, socialist candidate, member of the New Popular Front (23.76%).

In La Ciotat, he was the first to take a stand. In a column published on Monday morning on social networks, Lionel Giusti, municipal councilor of La Ciotat, denounces the years of political domination ofAubagne at the national level, a domination that he considers detrimental to La Ciotat. “Left, right, far right… For over 40 years, representatives from Aubagne have sat at the national level for our constituency. Aubagne benefits from this, as demonstrated by the comparison in the field of public services.” He claims that this situation has led to an impoverishment of public resources. La Ciotat au profit d’Aubagne.


Faced with this situation, the president of the citizens’ movement “Les Ciotadens” sees in Bernard Ourgoulou-Oglou, a Ciotaden, a unique opportunity for La Ciotat to be represented in Paris. According to Lionel Giusti, this representation would provide the resources needed to maintain schools, the hospital, and for better management of the housing crisis in La Ciotat. He also emphasizes the importance of legislative elections, which he describes as local elections, where a deputy has parliamentary reserves to support local initiatives.

Last night, her centrist colleague Mireille Benedetti took a position: “In the first round of these legislative elections, in La Ciotat, Madame Melin received 44% of the votes, so 56% of the voters did not vote for her. I am part of this 56% and only one candidate offers another choice next Sunday” underlines the municipal councilor of La Ciotat (opposition) before adding He does not belong to my centrist political family, he is a socialist. He is a Democrat and a Republican, he is from La Ciotat and I know him well. I worked with him and many other teachers when I was in charge of the educational project at the town hall of La Ciotat, I have been sitting on the opposition benches since 2020 and so has he. I maintain cordial relations with Bernard Ougourlou-Oglourespecting everyone’s ideas. On Sunday, I will conscientiously exercise my responsibility as a citizen and I will vote for him.”


This Wednesday morning in “Provence”Jean-Louis Tixier follows suit “Personally, I would like to express that as deputy for education in the city of La Ciotat, I have repeatedly appreciated the humanist and non-sectarian position of Mr. Bernard Ourgoulou-Oglou. The deputy mayor adds “Although he was an opposition member, he was always constructive and supported me in several educational projects for the benefit of the children of La Ciotat. I simply had to, in all conscience, bear witness to this.” A half-hearted support which nevertheless contradicts the position of the mayor (LR) of La Ciotat, Alexandre Doriol, a supporter of “neither-nor” for this second round.

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