Whoever wins the legislative elections, they will have to satisfy a France that is still dissatisfied.

Whoever wins the legislative elections, they will have to satisfy a France that is still dissatisfied.
Whoever wins the legislative elections, they will have to satisfy a France that is still dissatisfied.

“How do you want to govern a country that has 246 kinds of cheese?” joked General de Gaulle sixty years ago, even though he managed to govern for more than ten years. Since then, the French have invented new kinds of cheese, but that is not what makes France difficult to govern.

France is a rich country. Its GDP per capita at purchasing power parity was $56,700. [environ 53 000 euros] per person in 2022. In Poland it is $46,600 [environ 43 500 euros]. This makes France the tenth largest economy in the world. In 2022, the purchasing power of an average salary in France was more than 40% higher than that of a Pole. Unemployment in France stands at 7.3%. It is the lowest in fourteen years. That of young people is higher, at 16.3%.

“A dream country for left-wingers”

France has a well-developed infrastructure, well-functioning health services, and an efficient tax and social protection system, which helps reduce income gaps. Poverty indicators are among the lowest in the European Union. [UE] and the OECD. The aid granted to families is one of the most generous in the EU.

France is also one of the world leaders in the automobile, aeronautics and railway sectors, as well as cosmetics and luxury goods. It has a well-educated workforce.

It is also one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural products, known for its wine production, spirits and the famous cheeses that de Gaulle spoke of.

Its social system is one of the most elaborate in the world. French budget expenditures represent 58.3% of its GDP. No other country in the European Union spends as much. The European average is below 50%. France devotes nearly 20% of its GDP to social transfers, while the average for the 27 EU countries is 16%. In short, it seems like a dream country for those with left-wing convictions.

The French want radical change

Yet strikes and protests are constantly breaking out in France. In the fall of 2018, a spontaneous social movement called

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Witold Gadomski

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Gazeta Wyborcza (Warsaw)

“Electoral Gazette”, founded by Adam Michnik in May 1989, is the largest daily newspaper in Poland, excluding tabloids, in terms of circulation. Open to different sensibilities on economic issues, it promotes a liberal, tolerant and European Poland for major societal choices. Its Monday supplement, Large Format, cultivates the tradition of Polish literary reporting.

Initiated by Ryszard Kapuscinski, this tradition was taken up in the columns of Gazeta Wyborcza by renowned reporters such as Hanna Krall and Mariusz Szczygiel. The supplement team Grand Format is currently headed by Mariusz Burchart. It offers intelligent, original and ambitious journalism, which combines social sensitivity with high literary quality. The reports also stand out for the personal touch brought by their authors.
Gazeta Wyborcza is finally the only major national daily to have twenty regional editorial offices which complement the national edition with a local supplement.

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