at La France insoumise, dissidents Corbière, Garrido, Simonnet and Davi qualify for the second round

Campaign posters of candidates Raquel Garrido and Aly Diouara, both claiming to be part of the New Popular Front alliance, before the first round of the legislative elections, in Le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis), June 25, 2024. ABDUL SABOOR / REUTERS

Excluded from official nominations by their own party, the four dissident outgoing deputies of La France insoumise (LFI) who were running in the legislative elections, during the first round, on Sunday June 30, all qualified for the second, on July 7. In these ballots, variously favorable, we can discern the proof that on the left, the approval of the parties and even of Jean-Luc Mélenchon was not everything in this election. And the anchoring of the outgoing did not count for nothing.

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Despite the videos of the founder of LFI calling not to choose a « faux bulletin du NFP [Nouveau Front populaire] »the outgoing Alexis Corbière, in Montreuil and Bagnolet (7e constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis), thus comes first, with 40.2% of the votes, ahead of Sabrina Ali Benali (36.4%), invested by LFI, and against whom he therefore finds himself in a tie.

Raquel Garrido, in the 5e constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis, finds itself in a less favorable position. It comes third, with 23.7% of the votes, behind the candidate invested by LFI, Aly Diouara (33.1%), and that of the Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI), Aude Lagarde (24.6%). The second round campaign of Mme Garrido’s race is expected to be tough and will depend on possible postponements of votes by voters from the National Rally (RN), whose candidate was eliminated after obtaining 17.4% of the vote.

Triangular with the RN

In Paris, in the 15the constituency, the outgoing MP, Danielle Simonnet, another “rebellious” dissident, declared victory, with 41.9% of the votes, ahead of the official LFI candidate, Céline Verzeletti, who had 22.9% of the votes cast. Despite the significant gap between the two, the coming week augurs the continuation of this fratricidal battle in the 20e district of the capital.

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Mme Verzeletti, a member of the CGT, promises to go to “second round for an NFP without ambiguity, without deception!” ” Shame on you ! I am in the lead, with 42%, and 20 points (…) separate us. You are irresponsible in the face of historical issues”replied Danielle Simonnet on X.

In Marseille, things are getting tougher, because the risk of the RN is a reality, unlike the Parisian electoral landscape. In the 5e In the Bouches-du-Rhône constituency, its candidate Franck Liquori came out on top, with 25.8% of the vote, followed by the outgoing LFI MP but not nominated, Hendrik Davi (24.4%). The latter is closely followed by the candidate nominated by LFI, Allan Popelard (23.3%).

The gap between the two “rebels” is small. They shared the constituency’s left-wing electorate equally. But for the moment it is Mr. Davi, close to Clémentine Autain, who can claim second place and justify remaining. Unless the LFI management prefers to risk a triangular attack against the far right. The week that opens will tell whether Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s movement continues to devote its energy against those leaving its own camp or whether the RN’s push leads it to review its strategy.



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