Public consultation: several citizens in favor of preserving the Colisée de Québec

Public consultation: several citizens in favor of preserving the Colisée de Québec
Public consultation: several citizens in favor of preserving the Colisée de Québec

Unlike Mayor Marchand, the citizens who spoke out in public consultation want the conservation of the Colisée de Québec, to which they are attached.

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On April 30, the City of Quebec organized a participatory workshop as part of the public participation process which aims to guide the development vision for the northeast sector of the ExpoCité site. This sector includes the Colosseum and the site surrounding it.

Asked to vote on three scenarios, citizens all expressed their preference for the preservation of the Colisée de Québec.

“Not profitable”

An opinion that contrasts with that of the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand. At the beginning of March, he reiterated: “I still believe that the Colosseum should be demolished. It’s not profitable. We had some suggestions. The fact remains that it is an enormous infrastructure which is no longer suitable. Just bring it up to standard […] It’s going to cost a crazy amount.” He added that he was going to listen to the citizens who speak out during the public consultation.

On April 30, citizens grouped into several tables presented their conclusions after an evening of discussion and each table opted for the conservation of the Colosseum. For heritage reasons, savings, reuse of an existing building, among others, but also out of attachment to the building.


One of the participants expressed it this way: “I don’t know if it’s sentimental, but we wanted to preserve the Colosseum. My integration in Quebec was done by going to see the world league and Jean-Claude Tremblay. I have the impression that this is where I was baptized when I arrived in Quebec. The Colosseum is important to keep.”

The participants proposed several uses that the City could make of the building built in 1949: housing, artists’ studios, sports and cultural center, urban farm, Nordic museum, etc.

Several citizens also insisted on the importance of adding affordable and social housing to the site, as well as green spaces.

Mayor Marchand’s proposal is to demolish the Coliseum and use the space to build some 800 housing units and integrate parks and green spaces as well as local shops.

On Wednesday, the mayor’s spokesperson, Thomas Gaudreault, indicated that “the mayor had the opportunity to express himself like other citizens on what he thinks is the best scenario for the future of this sector. On the other hand, he expressed the wish to let the public consultations take place completely before ruling on the file.

Citizens could also give their opinion by online questionnaire until last Tuesday and the results will be analyzed by the City.

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