a network of drug traffickers dismantled in Milhaud

In Milhaud in Gard, 10 people were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, weapons and a shotgun were also discovered.

As part of an investigation under the direction of the Nîmes public prosecutor’s office for several months following a discovery of narcotics (770 grams of cocaine, 880 grams of cannabis resin and 690 grams of cannabis herb), the company’s gendarmes de Vauvert, reinforced by gendarmerie soldiers from several brigades of the Gard grouping, 5 surveillance and intervention platoons, canine brigades and gendarmerie squadrons missioned as part of “clear place” operations, proceeded Monday April 29, 2024 in the evening at the arrest of 10 people suspected of being involved in trafficking in cocaine and cannabis resin in the area known as “the Croix d’Aspouze camp” in Milhaud in the Gard.

Narcotics packaged for resale as well as weapons, including a shotgun, were discovered during the investment of the land and the searches which followed.

The public prosecutor was present on the scene, accompanied by the deputy in charge of monitoring the operation.

At the end of police custody taken under the exceptional regime for drug trafficking over a period of 96 hours, 7 individuals were presented to an investigating judge as part of an investigation judicial procedure opened by the Nîmes public prosecutor’s office.

They were indicted on charges of transport, acquisition, possession, supply and transfer of narcotics, as well as possession of weapons. 3 individuals were placed under judicial supervision. 4 others were placed in pre-trial detention by the judge of freedoms and detention

Investigations will continue under the direction of the investigating magistrate.

This operation is one of the 5 very large extraordinary operations carried out in two weeks in the different drug circles in the police and gendarmerie zone, in Nîmes, Bagnols sur Cèze, Sommières, Pont-Saint Esprit and in the countryside. by Vauvert.

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