Labor Day: should May 1st be abolished or generalized?

Should we abolish or generalize May 1st?

Published today at 10:37 a.m.

Happy are the people of Jura, Neuchâtel, Ticino, Basel, Zurich, Schaffhausen and Thurgau. In their cantons, they have leave for the 1er May. In Aargau and Solothurn, the working day ends at midday. Elsewhere, Labor Day is celebrated…at work. These are the joys of federalism.

Should we put things in order? Two contradictory proposals are on the table. On the one hand, the Syna union launched a petition so that the 1er May becomes a national holiday. On the other hand, the Young PLR simply want to abolish it everywhere.

300 to 600 million

Syna’s proposal does not come out of nowhere. Last year, union delegates spoke in favor of this project. On its website, Syna explains that as a “family-friendly” union and a fervent defender of “worklife balance”, it is launching this petition with the aim of offering an additional “well-deserved” day of rest for workers. “.

The union recalls the increasing stress faced by workers, 40% of whom say they are exhausted. He also recalls that productivity has increased by 10% over the last two years, and that in European comparison, Swiss workers work the most hours, while having the fewest vacations.

If the unions announced the launch of their initiative on Tuesday, the Young PLR came out this Wednesday morning with their demand to abolish the 1er May as a public holiday.

They note that every year, union parades cause material damage. For them, the left does not have to promote its political program at the expense of the community. “Which also does a disservice to the working population,” says the party.

In summary, according to the Young Liberal-Radicals, there is “nothing to celebrate on this day”, recalling that an official public holiday leads to a loss of prosperity. According to estimates, this costs the economy between 300 and 600 million.

However, we can wish everyone good luck in convincing them with their proposal. Because putting public holidays in order is a challenge in Switzerland. The proposals fail one after the other in parliament. To make August 1 a public holiday, a popular initiative was absolutely necessary.

Florent Quiquerez has been a journalist in the Switzerland section since 2015. Specializing in politics, he primarily covers federal news. Previously, he worked as a parliamentary correspondent for Radios Régionales Romandes.More informations

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