Cirque-Théatre Elbeuf: for its next season it promises “heavy stuff” to its audience

Cirque-Théatre Elbeuf: for its next season it promises “heavy stuff” to its audience
Cirque-Théatre Elbeuf: for its next season it promises “heavy stuff” to its audience


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June 17, 2024 at 5:31 p.m.

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After a successful 2023/2024 seasonthe next one promises to be just as captivating for the Circus-Theater from Elbeuf!

And for good reason: with an attendance rate of around 90% of paid entries for the 2023/2024 season, this emblematic institution dedicated to circus writing continues to awaken buried passions, among a broader audience fond of discoveries.

The winning formula of this programming lies in the diversity between great entertaining and festive formats with slightly sharper aesthetics.

Thus, it gives a certain visibility to what today’s circus creation is in all its diversity, format, aesthetics and bias.

Although her mandate expired at the end of April, the former director Yveline Rapeau actively participated in the arrangement of this 2024/2025 program.

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“Written by the previous management, I still designed this programming with the team. This is the end of a professional life that I devoted to performing arts and the circus with passion and commitment. We will continue to meet each other, but this time in the public,” she slips, not without a tremor of emotion in her voice.

An immersive experience for Heritage Days

Punctuated by sequences with different tones, the 2024/2025 season will start with a bang with “Bords de Seine”. Then follow, chronologically, The time of creations, Large formats and fantasies, Spring, Welcome to young audiences and, finally, Quartier d’été.

For Heritage Days, a creation will highlight the exceptional heritage built in 1892 that the Circus-Théâtre represents.

With “We are heritage”, Frantz and Milan Loustalot, prolific father and son duo, want to magnify this building: “We talk a lot about stones but we forget the human dimension. That of all those people who have seen their lives crossed by the Cirque Théâtre. »

Through a multitude of anecdotes scattered here and there, various compacted interviews will be projected and highlighted in the heart of this breathtaking scenographic setting.

A unique experience of its kind, bathed in the center ofan immersive sound and visual environment.

Blockbuster shows already highly anticipated

Among the highlights of this future season which promises to be under the best auspices, so-called “blockbuster” shows will thrill the public.

Like “Petite Reine”, by Raphaëlle Boitel, October 4 and 5, 2024 next ones. The result of all the talents, this circus artist who is both an actress, acrobat, contortionist and choreographer will offer a short and incisive 30-minute form on the theme of romantic influence, based on a rather crazy and offbeat tone.

Young shoot from the 32nd promotion of the National Circus Arts CenterFleuriane Cornet, described as a “cycling prodigy”, will reveal on the track and on the bike a whole host of vivid emotions experienced within her.

“Loops” for a “wow” effect!

Another show which is very likely to quickly create a brotherhood of followers: “LOOPS”, by the Kiaï company.

Specializing for more than a decade on the round trampoline and acrobatic lifts, its director-founder-musician Cyrille Musy continues to combine video mapping, lights, music and futuristic scenography in his creations, using the trampoline as a musical instrument.

Thanks to multiple sensors and sound transformation work, “LOOPS” presents itself as a truly immersive experience, which plays with all the definitions of looping.

Whether on the sound loop, on the visual loop or even on the shape of the apparatus itself.

“The stage set-up is impressive! Cyrille Musy has placed sensors everywhere and the sound will transform into lights! And there are also screens that will broadcast everything that happens live,” announces Marianne Fresnel, director of communications for the Cirque-Théâtre. A show visible from November 22 to 24, 2024.

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