Zemmour targeted by egg throwing in Ajaccio, the prosecution opens an investigation: News

Zemmour targeted by egg throwing in Ajaccio, the prosecution opens an investigation: News
Zemmour targeted by egg throwing in Ajaccio, the prosecution opens an investigation: News

Campaigning in Ajaccio for the European elections, the president of the far-right Reconquête! Éric Zemmour was insulted and targeted with egg throwing on Saturday, acts condemned by the Ministry of the Interior and which are the subject of an investigation.

While Eric Zemmour was walking to the Ajaccio market around 11:00 a.m., “a group of around ten people made insulting remarks against him”, the public prosecutor said in the evening. ‘Ajaccio, Nicolas Septe, who opened an investigation against X “for violence in meetings and, or with weapons by destination”.

“During these events, a demonstrator first threw an egg in his direction, managing to hit him in the head, before being pushed aside by security when she tried to come into contact with him” , he added.

According to an AFP correspondent photographer on site, people called the far-right leader “fascho” and shouted at him “Leave here!” and he was targeted by egg throws.

“There were jets of water and throws of eggs and a woman tried to push him,” a police Source told AFP, specifying that “the incident was very brief” .

But according to a video from regional media Corse Matin, Mr. Zemmour reacted and himself seemed to strike a blow at this woman. “It comes behind his back, he doesn’t know who it is, if it’s an egg, a fist, a knife, he pulls away, it’s a pure reflex of self-defense. At no time does he wanted to hit this woman, the attacker was Eric Zemmour,” his entourage told AFP.

– “Another physical altercation” –

The prosecutor indicated that “another physical altercation would have occurred” after the egg throwing and the insults, “in circumstances that remain to be clarified”.

“The findings of the police, the use of the various videos already seized and the collection of testimonies will aim in particular to identify all the people involved and clarify the circumstances and context of the facts,” added the magistrate.

No complaint has yet been filed concerning the blow allegedly dealt by Eric Zemmour to the woman visible in the Corse Matin video.

The investigations were entrusted to the DIPN (Interdepartmental Directorate of the National Police).

“Gérald Darmanin spoke on the telephone this afternoon with Mr. Zemmour about the attack he suffered in Corsica,” a Source close to the Minister of the Interior told AFP. .

According to this Source, the minister requested a report from the SDLP (Protection Service) which was responsible for protecting Eric Zemmour during this trip.

“Mr. Darmanin recalls that the democratic debate must be able to take place in calm conditions, despite political disagreements,” concludes the Source.

“This is the true face of the far left, of small violent groups, who truly want us dead,” reacted the leader of the far-right party on his X account (ex-Twitter).

Mr. Zemmour, convicted several times for provoking racial hatred, continued his stroll, always followed by the same fifteen people kept at a distance by a CRS cordon. Sometimes warmly welcomed on certain stalls, he was encouraged to look elsewhere on others.

The Reconquest list! for the European elections, carried by Marion Maréchal, is credited with 5 to 6% voting intentions.



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