the complete winners of the 77th edition of the festival

the complete winners of the 77th edition of the festival
the complete winners of the 77th edition of the festival

The high mass of cinema ended on Saturday evening on the Croisette, with a Palme d’Or for Anora and two awards for the Frenchman Jacques Audiard with Emilia Perez.

Palme d’Or – Anora by Sean Baker

Winner of the most prestigious award at the Cannes Film Festival – and presented by the no less prestigious George Lucas -, Anora by the American Sean Baker relates the tumultuous affair of an escort girl and the son of a Russian oligarch. Then their marriage, broken by violence from the husband’s family. The 53-year-old filmmaker took advantage of his speaking time to pay tribute to “all sex workers.» He also pleaded for the survival of cinemas: “We have to make movies to get them into theaters.”

This is the first American gold medal since Tree of Life by Terrence Malik in 2011. Sean Baker thanked his two cinematographic role models: Francis Ford Coppola (present on stage) and David Cronenberg.

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Grand prize – All we imagine as light by Payal Kapadia

Director Payal Kapadia hugged all three lead actresses.
Stephane Mahe / REUTERS

Silver medal for All We Imagine as Light , the first Indian film presented in competition in 30 years. The film by Indian director Payal Kapadia depicts the wanderings of a trio of women – in saris on the Palace platform – in Mumbai (Bombay). Prahba, Anu and Parvaty seek to escape the shackles of Indian society influenced by the country’s leader, Narendra Modi. All We Imagine as Light crossed borders: its success reverberated as far as Europe.

Jury Prize – Emilia Perez by Jacques Audiard

Jacques Audiard won the jury prize.
Stephane Mahe / REUTERS

I think everyone in this room knows what it costs to make films.”, declared Xavier Dolan before the presentation of the Jury Prize. A second victory for this musical comedy by Jacques Audiard, already distinguished by the prize for female interpretation. The director had already won the Grand Jury Prize in 2009 for a prophet.

Male Actor Award – Jesse Plemons

Omar Sy presented the male actor prize to Jesse Plemons for his role in Kinds of Kindness by director Yórgos Lánthimos (The Lobster). The actor was not present to receive his distinction: Matthieu Rey, his press officer, read the message. In the first triptych of the film, he features Robert, a man submissive to Raymond (Willem Dafoe), a sophisticated esthete who overplays kindness and uses it as he pleases.

A special prize was then given to Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof, who had to go into clandestine exile because of his latest film, The Seed of the sacred fig.

Best Director Award – Miguel Gomes for Great tour

Portuguese director Miguel Gomes won the directing prize for Great tour. The tour is this trip of a British civil servant to South-East Asia in 1917. Black and white scenes, representing the 1910s, are juxtaposed with scenes shot in color, which take place in 2020.

Female Interpretation Prize – The actresses ofEmilia Perez

The female performance prize is awarded to the four actresses of Emilia Perez, the musical by Jacques Audiard: Adriana Paz, Karla Sofía Gascón, Selena Gomez and Zoe Saldana.
Stephane Mahe / REUTERS

Transgender artist Karla Sofía Gascón, overwhelmed by emotion, was crowned with the prize for female interpretation. She is not the only one, since “all the actresses of Emilia Perez »the latest film by Jacques Audiard, were also rewarded: Selena Gomez, Karla Sofia Gascon, Zoe Saldaña and Adriana Paz. Emilia Perez tells the story of a Mexican gangster who changes sex, then abandons his criminal practices to flee the country and reunite with his family.

Screenplay Award – The Substance

Coralie Fargeat won the screenplay prize.
Clodagh Kilcoyne / REUTERS

The screenplay prize was awarded to The Substance , by Coralie Fargeat. This film, which appears as a critique of showbiz, stars Demi Moore in the role of Elizabeth Sparkle. She, threatened with losing her job as presenter for a fitness show, injects herself with a “substance” in order to create a younger version of herself.

Golden Camera – Armand

Halfdan Ullmann Tondel displaying the Golden Camera trophy.

The prize which distinguishes the first films of young directors, announced by Emmanuelle Béart, rewarded Armand by the Norwegian Halfdan Ullmann Tondel. In this work, an incident that occurs at school contrasts the stories of two children, Armand and Jon. Families will be devastated.

Short film – The Man Who Could Not Remain Silent

Nebojša Slijpeceviec received the short film prize.
Clodagh Kilcoyne / REUTERS

Presented by Lubna Azabal, the winner is The Man Who Could Not Remain Silent (“The Man Who Would Not Be Silent”). The short film by Croatian Nebojša Slijpeceviec tells the story of a passenger train stopped by paramilitary forces. While civilians are being arrested, only one man stands up to oppose this injustice.

In some perspective – Black Dog

This story of friendship between a stray dog ​​and an agent responsible for eliminating them in China received the Un Certain Regard prize on Friday. Its director, Guan Hu, wanted “filming the daily lives of those left behind by the industrial development that propels the country’s economy”, depending on the festival. The jury, chaired by Quebecer Xavier Dolan, also rewarded Souleymane’s story by Boris Lojkine.

Critic’s Week – Simon de la Montana by Federico Luis

On Wednesday, Argentine director Federico Luis received the Grand Prize of Critics’ Week, a parallel section of the festival, for his first film Simon de la Montana. As A little something extra by Artus, the feature film features actors who are themselves mentally handicapped, such as Lorenzo “Toto” Ferro, who plays Simón.

Queer Palm – Three kilometers to the end of the world

Three kilometers to the end of the world received the Queer Palm on Friday evening, an alternative prize awarded each year in Cannes to a feature film addressing LGBT issues. In this film, Romanian Emanuel Parvu sought to show the ravages of homophobia in his country of origin with Adi, 17, attacked one evening in the street. The next day, his world was completely turned upside down. The jury was chaired by Belgian filmmaker Lukas Dhont (Close, Girl).

Palm Dog – Kodi in The dog’s trial

After the international success of Messi, SnoopAnatomy of a fallthis year’s Cannes Palm Dog has found its new canine star: Kodi, a crossbreed Griffon who plays in The dog’s trial by Franco-Swiss Laetitia Dosch. The prize was awarded on Friday. According to life coach Juliette Roux-Merveille, Kodi “didn’t know how to scream. To make him bark, the team had to imitate “the meow of a hungry kitten.»

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