LIVE – Legislative elections: the last days of a blitzkrieg campaign – Libération

LIVE – Legislative elections: the last days of a blitzkrieg campaign – Libération
LIVE – Legislative elections: the last days of a blitzkrieg campaign – Libération
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One week to the day before the first round of the legislative elections, the parties are throwing their strength into the battle on this last Sunday of the campaign. Feminist demonstrations are organized throughout France against the far right.

In summary :

  • A “human chain” of 9.3 kilometers is organized by the department of Seine-Saint-Denis at midday in 93 while around thirty feminist associations and collectives are calling for demonstrations throughout France against the extreme right.
  • In the event of victory for the New Popular Front, Jean-Luc Mélenchon affirmed this Saturday that he was still in the race for Matignon, contradicting the words of Raphaël Glucksmann who had certified Friday that the leader of the rebels would not be Prime Minister .
  • An Ipsos poll published yesterday places the far right allied with Eric Ciotti’s Republicans well in the lead with 35.5% of the vote, the New Popular Front in second position with 29.5% and the presidential majority at 19.5%.
  • Find most of the news from Saturday June 22 on the dissolution of the National Assembly and the next legislative elections here.

On immigration, he promises to act in two stages, giving priority to “the end of land rights, a drastic reduction in migratory flows, the strengthening of the conditions of social assistance paid to foreigners and the removal of foreigners in irregular situation, criminal offenders and foreign Islamists”. The second stage is planned for 2027, the date of the presidential election, where the RN “will trigger a referendum to ratify the reduction in migratory flows” through the constitutionalization of a legal shield.

8:34 a.m.

Bardella Prime Minister “of all French people”. The president of the National Rally promises this Sunday in Vincent Bolloré’s JDD to be Prime Minister “of all French people, including those who did not vote for [lui]”. Jordan Bardella reiterates that he will only accept Matignon if his party obtains an absolute majority and assures that he does not have “the intention to brutalize the democratic debate”. In his government that he hopes “national unity”the leader of the party at the top of the polls specifies that the boss of LR Eric Ciotti, who has concluded an alliance with the RN, will “its place”. In an interview with Voix du Nord, Marine Le Pen goes further and does not rule out left-wing figures being part of the executive.

8:09 a.m.

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon is neither hoped for nor necessary.” Questioned this Sunday morning on France info on the candidacy of the rebel leader for Matignon, the Minister of National Education considered that Jean-Luc Mélenchon was not “neither hoped nor necessary”. Nicole Belloubet nevertheless reached out to her “former socialist colleagues” with whom she sees herself working after the legislative elections within a coalition in “moderate and coherent program”.

8:06 a.m.

Marine Le Pen in denial. Asked in the voice of the North this Saturday regarding the comments made by a couple of RN activists in Montargis towards their black neighbor in the program “Envoyé Spécial”, the leader of the National Rally considers that their words are not racist. “The question is whether ‘go to your niche’ is not a popular expression of people who hate each other. Is this racist? I myself can say that about my friends! You are the one who draws the conclusion that it is racist because of the victim’s skin color. That’s scandalous.”



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