Are their prices falling? What are the reliability issues?

Are their prices falling? What are the reliability issues?
Are their prices falling? What are the reliability issues?
Used Dacia Spring: price and main reliability problems of the first generation. © Dacia

While the “new” Dacia Spring is about to begin its career, the prices of the first opus are falling on occasion. Here are the prices and mileage of the first examples, as well as a reminder of possible reliability problems.

  • 06/16/2024
  • François Lemaur

Seriously renewed in the cabin and in terms of appearance, the Dacia Spring has not changed on the technical side. So the first generation of the Romanian electric minicity car is not necessarily out of fashion. And even if its road performance is not at the level of the competition – which does not necessarily excuse its price – the Spring can meet certain uses. One thing is certain, if you can recharge every day at home and your daily journeys are short and on safe roads, the little Dacia offers the immense advantage of controlling its cost per 100 km. Especially when making a second-hand purchase. If buying new is in fact no longer as interesting as before since the end of the State bonus for the majority of electric vehicles manufactured in Asia, the first generation of Dacia Spring can be found second-hand from €8,000. Since these are recent cars, the mileages are still very reasonable, most of the time under 50,000. A large part of the announcements concern 45 hp versions – the more modest of the two powers – and Business finishes of gray or white color. Or returns of LLD for leases signed in 2021.

The Dacia Spring has been restyled for the first time.© Dacia

Have no fear of this finish whose equipment is already sufficient. You can indeed count on air conditioning, automatic lights, automatic windshield wipers, cruise control or Bluetooth connection.. The essential equipment that makes everyday life easier. In terms of autonomy, the Spring does not work miracles with its 27 kWh battery. While you may be able to approach 250 km in the city – that means around 200 km before looking for a charging point – you should not aim for more than 150 km on the road and just over 100 km on the motorway. Always good to know to adjust your choice. On the charging side, you should not expect more than 6.6 kW in alternating current on public terminals and 30 kW in direct current on fast chargers. It’s not much, but since the battery is not of high capacity, the recharge times are not that important.

Interior of the Dacia Spring.© Dacia

Reliability of the first generation Dacia Spring

  • Logically, no problem listed on the small electric motor of the Spring
  • Seat belts: The right rear seat belt retractor may be defective. A recall has been put in place to check and replace the defective system. More than a thousand copies, assembled between April and October 2022, are affected in France
  • Electronics: Some feedback on faulty dashboard displays, centralized locks not working
  • Air conditioning/heating: The hazards concerning them are starting to become recurrent. No answer to the problem yet
  • Charger: Charging sometimes impossible, cable refusing to unplug from the socket. A recall was issued (09/23) in order to resolve impossible starts after charging (charger malfunction with indicator light coming on). 6,000 cars affected
  • Transmission: Many complaints about noisy driveshafts (clicking). A priori known defect
  • Others: The tires are of poor quality and offer little grip, particularly on wet roads. The Dacia network seems to have all the difficulty in the world receiving spare parts to repair vehicles, leading to long downtimes.
    The Dacia Spring measures 3.73 m long.© Dacia

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