China tests its military capacity to “take power” on the island

China tests its military capacity to “take power” on the island
China tests its military capacity to “take power” on the island

Taiwan is surrounded by China this Friday morning. Chinese warships and fighter planes surround the autonomous island, on the second day of military maneuvers intended according to Beijing to test its ability to “take power” in Taiwan after the inauguration of the new president at the start of the week.

The two-day exercises, which kicked off Thursday morning, aim to verify the “ ability to seize power and joint strikes, as well as control key territories said Li Xi, spokesperson for the Chinese Army’s Eastern Theater Command.

These maneuvers, called “ Seal Sword-2024A “, come after the swearing-in on Monday of Lai Ching-te, whose inauguration speech was perceived by China as a ” recognition of Taiwan’s independence “. They involve the army, navy, air force and rocket unit and are due to last until Friday inclusive, but analysts warn they could be extended or renewed.

Beijing presented these military exercises on Thursday as a “ severe punishment ” against the ” separatists » of the island which will end « in the blood “.

Four Chinese ships in “forbidden waters”

Videos released by the Chinese military on Friday showed soldiers running out of a building to their combat stations and fighter jets taking off to the sound of military music. According to state television CCTV, Chinese naval officers called on their Taiwanese counterparts not to “ resist reunification by force “.

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An animated Chinese military graphic showed a hail of missiles falling on key targets to the north, south and east of the island, with a message saying it would ” cutting off the blood vessels of Taiwan independence “.

Four Chinese coast guard vessels entered the “ forbidden waters » of two Taiwanese islands with the support of two other ships nearby, Taipei said. “ This is the eighth time this month that Chinese coast guard vessels have sailed in prohibited waters “, indicated the Taiwanese coast guard, who “ urged China to exercise restraint and immediately stop its irrational behavior “.

Taiwan deploys its maritime, air and land forces

Taiwan “ will defend the values ​​of freedom and democracy », promised Thursday Lai Ching-te, described by Beijing as a “ dangerous separatist » for his past statements in favor of the island’s independence, although he has since moderated his speech. “ I will stand on the front lines with our brothers and sisters in the military to defend national security together “, he assured.

In ” strongly condemning » these exercises, the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense announced that it had “ deployed maritime, air and land forces (…) to defend freedom, democracy and sovereignty ” of the territory.

US and UN call for restraint

In this context, the United States called on China to “ restraint “, a senior American official said on Thursday.

“We urge Beijing to act with restraint and reiterate that China should not use the political transition in Taiwan as a pretext or excuse for provocative and coercive measures,” he said, adding: “The actions of China are irresponsible.

We are monitoring very closely » the situation around the island, said this official, who requested anonymity. “ We are confident in our own military positioning and maneuvering in the region to ensure peace and stability, and meet our national security requirements “, he said.

The spokesperson for UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Thursday called on the various parties to “ refrain from any action that could aggravate tensions “.

Obviously we are closely following developments in the Taiwan Strait. We call on all parties concerned to refrain from any action that could escalate tensions in the region », declared Stéphane Dujarric to the press.

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