the perpetrator surrendered to the police

the perpetrator surrendered to the police
the perpetrator surrendered to the police

Is armed violence gaining ground in the territory of the municipality of Capesterre Belle-Eau? The events of Tuesday and yesterday Friday raise the question.

Twice a gun was used. The latest attack left a victim whose vital prognosis is still in jeopardy.

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Rare, in fact, are the acts that take place in this commune without a weapon appearing. When it is not a bladed weapon, it is a firearm.

And these weapons do not come out without consequences, they are most of the time used by those who hold them.

On Tuesday, two shots were fired at the vehicle of one of the protagonists concerned. Yesterday, it was on an individual that the shots this time reached their target. Bullets fired at eye level this time. The victim was hit in the chest.

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Three serious incidents in four days

In the 3 cases of violence perpetrated Monday, Tuesday and Friday in the same town of Capesterre Belle-Eau, both victims and perpetrators, 6 in all, were relatively young: around thirty years old and the places where the attacks took place are all different.

Monday was the Cayenne section. Tuesday, the Kassaverie roundabout and the Water Mill sector. Yesterday, it was in Sarlassonne. Four different sites to the point of wondering if wherever you can reside or move around in this town, you are not in danger.

However, elected officials, like the State and the prosecutor’s office of Basse-Terre held a meeting a few weeks ago to assess the situation and consider means of prevention and fight against this delinquency, believing that force must remain within the law. and that this must apply everywhere. It is not the police officers and gendarmes who regularly intervene to maintain order in this town who will say the opposite.

Law enforcement officers who have in their hands the alleged perpetrator of the shots fired on Friday. Knowing he was wanted, the man turned himself in to the authorities.



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