thirty years after the death of Ayrton Senna, Pascal keeps his memory alive

On May 1, 1994, on the Italian circuit of Imola, the world of motorsport experienced one of its biggest tragedies, namely the death of Ayrton Senna. In Brazil he is the idol of an entire country, and on a global scale, he is also one of the greatest champions that motorsport has ever known.

In a peaceful village in Touraine (1), Pascal’s house contains a treasure dedicated to motorsport and his almost limitless passion for the Brazilian champion. After becoming interested in aviation and piloting during his teenage years, Pascal became passionate about motorsport and in particular the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Pascal has 510 different models of miniatures, and is careful of counterfeits.
© (Photo cor. NR, Dominique Nivelle)

“I’m watching the next models that will come out”

Behind its windows, which have nothing to envy of those of a jewelry store, it has a century of collection with all the miniatures that have appeared on the podiums of the legendary Mancelle race since 1923. But like all collectors in quest for originality and challenge, he launched a new challenge and it was towards Formula1 that he turned. From 1984 until that fatal day in Imola (Italy), Pascal was inexhaustible about his idol with 41 grand prix victories and who was a three-time world champion.

Detail is what characterizes this passionate and exciting collector. “I own over a thousand different models of miniatures, and I’m watching for the next ones to come out on the 30the anniversary, while being careful of counterfeits”, likes to say the one which presents itself as one of the most complete in France on this type of collection.

Its windows conceal a treasure dedicated to motorsport and its almost limitless passion for the Brazilian champion.
© (Photo cor. NR, Dominique Nivelle)

Precious friends

Every day he takes pleasure in finding his miniatures which he likes to share with friends, but Pascal’s eyes light up and emotion overcomes him when he talks about his friends Manu and Lilie, collectors from the south of France who had the immense pleasure of rubbing shoulders with the champion. “We have never met physically but they have already given me unique pieces on Ayrton. »

In his discreet home, it is a part of the history of motorsport and a tribute that Pascal likes to tell through his miniatures.

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(1) The collector’s surname and village of residence will not be mentioned in this article.



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