Do women really think less about sex than men?

Do women really think less about sex than men?
Do women really think less about sex than men?

By Dr Catherine Solano

5 hours ago,

Update 2 hours ago

Thinking about sexuality several times a day is healthy and a sign of good sexual health.
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SEXOLOGY – The reality is more complex than this widespread prejudice. The issue is not trivial because erotic thoughts are important to maintain the desire.

In 2011, American researcher Terri Fisher gave nearly 300 students, girls and boys aged 18 to 25, a small manual counter for a week. The instruction: click on it every time a sexual thought crossed their mind. Seven days later, the assessment was made. On average, women thought about sex 10 times a day, compared to 19 for their male peers. However, these data masked enormous disparities, some of which may be surprising: one female volunteer had thought about sex 140 times during the day, while some men only thought about it once.

So is it true that women think less about sex in general? If so, is this a characteristic of femininity? A consequence of the influence of hormones, or of the architecture of the brain? The explanation would be more prosaic. First, women are more responsible for managing the shopping, tidying up, cooking, laundry, etc.

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