With Jean-Paul Kumbi, Mondorf wants to gain height

With Jean-Paul Kumbi, Mondorf wants to gain height
With Jean-Paul Kumbi, Mondorf wants to gain height

It’s hard to pass by him without seeing him. You certainly have to look up, but Jean-Paul Kumbi is essential. From the height of his 2m02, the French striker quickly sent a signal to the BGL Ligue at the heart of a successful first part of the season which saw him score four goals in eight matches.

“I experienced a little sluggishness before the break and some adductor problems too, but I’m back in shape,” confesses the man who found his way back into the opposing net, notably with a double against US Hostert in the quarter. final of the Luxembourg Cup.

“A like any other”

This atypical profile is often appreciated by coaches who see it as a fixation point and a Source of permanent trouble for opposing defenders. But Jean-Paul Kumbi, originally from in the region, is much more than that. His quality as a deliveryman and his composure in front of the opposing goal leave no one indifferent. And especially not his new coach David Zitelli who left him to rest at Mondorf like many other team executives.

“It’s a good idea even if we all want to play. We are entering a part of the season where the body pulls a little on all sides. We must also give everyone a chance.” The coach wants his group to feel involved. “He brought extra motivation and everyone wanted to prove their worth to him. I was convinced that with this team, we could not sink into a negative spiral. The click was going to make the wheel turn and the supporters were always behind us. Even in the most difficult times.”

Jean-Paul Kumbi drew on the words of the former great striker David Zitelli to relaunch himself at the forefront of the attack for the spa city club. He will be one of the assets in this quest for a new final, eight years after the one lost against Dudelange. “We will have to approach this match like any other, with serenity. The rest is up to fate. But when you have paved the way to reach the semi-final, you inevitably want to take another step forward,” concludes the man who mobilized his family to come and encourage him.

Mondorf will not start as favorite against Progrès who have not played in a Coupe de Luxembourg final since 1980 and who have not lifted this trophy since 1977. Well anchored in fourth place in the championship, in the wake of Swift, the Yellow and Black covet this Cup and participation in a new European campaign in a few weeks. Both are still possible, but they can also lose everything if Mondorf follows his dream and Niederkorn does not climb onto the final podium of the domestic competition.

XXL Challenge for Strassen

It will partly depend on the behavior of the Swift which finds itself in a bit of the same configuration. The reigning champions seem to be finding consistency at the right time, but are still nowhere. They are aiming for a second appearance in the final in the club’s history. And therefore a second victory since they won in 1990. In the championship, they can ensure a European ticket provided they win everything by the end of May.

The first mission is to outrun Strassen this , which the Rouge et Blanc managed to do easily for the opening of the season in what still constitutes one of the most successful matches to this day. Since then, FC Una has regained momentum and even has three victories in the league which put it back in sixth place, which seems to constitute its glass ceiling this season.

However, this is anecdotal in view of the XXL challenge which awaits commuters this Wednesday. They have never entered this last four and Vitor Pereira, the fine tactician that he is, certainly has a plan to thwart the Holleschbierg armada. In a season long described as insignificant, Strassen could enhance it with European qualification. But he still has two pieces to chew, the first of which is shaped like a bone.

The semi-final schedule


4 p.m.: Strassen – Hesperange

7 p.m.: Mondorf – Niederkorn



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