who is Maria Isabel, the sister of the king of Roland-Garros and who works for him?

who is Maria Isabel, the sister of the king of Roland-Garros and who works for him?
who is Maria Isabel, the sister of the king of Roland-Garros and who works for him?

We no longer present Rafael Nadal. But his family may be more unknown to novices. Those who follow tennis and the career of the Spanish athlete more or less closely have, however, already heard of Tony Nadal, who is the uncle of Rafael Nadal. Above all, he was his historic coach from a young age until 2017. Together, they experienced glory, victories, trophies, Grand Slam tournaments, the rise to world number 1.

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Who is Maria Isabel Nadal?

Another Nadal is known, this time mainly by football fans. Indeed, another uncle of the tennis player was a professional footballer. It is Miguel Angel Nadal. He wore the colors of two clubs in his career, which lasted from 1986 to 2005: RCD Mallorca, where he played 341 matches as central defender, scoring 38 goals. Then, from 1991 to 1999, he played at FC Barcelona, ​​where he is a legend, with 297 matches played for 18 goals. In addition to this, he has been a Spanish international on 62 occasions, notably participating in the 1998 World Cup in France.

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In the Nadal family, there is also Maribel, her full first name: Maria Isabel. Who is she ? She is quite simply the one and only sister of Rafael, five years his junior, also daughter of Sebastian Nadal and Ana Maria Parera. And the two seem very close since the young woman works for her brother. According to her Instagram account, she handles marketing and sales for the Rafa Nadal Academy, a tennis training center based in Mallorca, the Nadals’ native island. There is also a branch in Kuwait. This academy has other activities, such as a gym with tennis, padel, fitness and crossfit courts, but also a Rafael Nadal museum and a school!

Very important for Rafael Nadal in more than one way

Maribel Nadal is very active on social networks. She also has more than 180,000 subscribers on Instagram, where she brings her daily life, her travels, and her passions to life. We also learn that she is the head of a clothing brand for summer and swimming: Crabs Company. In her description, the one whose full first name is Maria-Isabelreveals what these two passions are. And they are quite logical: “sport and travel”. Maribel Nadal provides immeasurable support to her brother. We can see her very often in the stands, to encourage her. At the beginning of May 2024, she appeared in tears at the Madrid tournament, where her tennis player brother was present, after a major injury which kept him away from the courts for many months.

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An emotion all the more important for the athlete since it was undoubtedly the last time that he appeared at this tournament won five times, he who should retire in the coming weeks. “Honestly I can only say thank you to everyone, it has been an incredible journey. I will thank my family and my team the day I retire”he said after his defeat in the round of 16 there. Enough to make his sister inconsolable. If Maribel is so important to Rafael, it is not only for the athlete or for the work. But also for privacy. Indeed, Rafael Nadal met his wife Xisca Perello thanks to his sister. Maribel and Xisca were friends and attended Pureza de Maria de Manacor college together. We know the rest: love at first sight, marriage and baby.



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