Fake burial, corruption… From Paris to Morocco, the incredible run of Medhi’s murderer

Fake burial, corruption… From Paris to Morocco, the incredible run of Medhi’s murderer
Fake burial, corruption… From Paris to Morocco, the incredible run of Medhi’s murderer


Antoine Blanchet

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May 21, 2024 at 5:49 p.m.

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It is a 13-year ordeal, punctuated by improbable twists and turns for a bereaved family in search of justice. This Tuesday, May 21, 2024, a 35-year-old Franco-Moroccan was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a murder committed in the middle of Paris in 2011. Returning to his native country, the accused pretended to be dead, his family going so far as to organize a fake funeral for him.

Murder in the heart of Paris

It was on March 27, 2011 that in the 11th arrondissement of the capital, Belleville district, Medhi, a 23-year-old young man, collapsed. Below his house, he received several stab wounds from an individual who flees. The latter had fought the day before with the victim, whom he knew, during an altercation. Thirsty for revenge, he waited for the young man outside his house to kill him.

False death certificate and false burial

The homicide is followed by incredible ride. The murderer leaves France and returns to his native country, Morocco. A few months later, in July 2011, his family announced the news: the author of the crime, consumed with remorse, committed suicide. His funeral was shortly afterwards organized by his grieving relatives. A death certificate is presented to the police.

Everything seems to be heading towards a tragic outcome, except that… everything is false! The murderer and his family faked everything to escape prosecution. “The relatives had been wiretapped. They were laughing when they came back from the funeral,” explains Me Joseph Cohen-Sabban, lawyer for the victim’s family. Very quickly the pot aux roses was discovered.

A business that is slipping

Despite this major discovery, the case remains completely blocked. The fugitive, having Moroccan nationality, cannot be extradited. Furthermore, his father, having a certain influence, would have corrupt a police officer for information on the progress of the investigation. For many years, it was impossible to lay hands on the man we now nicknamed “the living dead”, to the great distress of the victim’s family.

However, Medhi’s loved ones do not give up: “We fought until the end, so that we could obtain justice,” explains Inès, the victim’s big sister. Firstly, the murderer is condemned, in his absence, to 25 years in prison by the Paris Assize Court.

“I will fight until the end”

It is finally in 2023 that the diplomatic situation will settle between the French and Moroccan authorities. The murderer is arrested by the justice of the Kingdom in 2023. Not extradited, he was tried in Rabat and sentenced this Tuesday morning to 20 years of criminal imprisonment. “He maintained an above-ground version where the victim was a big drug trafficker who wanted to kidnap a young woman. This defense did not hold up, the Moroccan authorities having now had access to the file,” relates Me Cohen-Sabban.

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If after 13 years, the murderer is finally convicted, the file is not yet closed. Both parties appealed the verdict. “We believe that the sentence is insufficient,” specifies Inès. Likewise, the fake burial did not make the Moroccan authorities laugh at all. “The family has already been convicted, except the father,” specifies Me Cohen-Sabban. A complaint was filed by Medhi’s family for forgery and use of forgery : “I will continue to fight until the end. I will not give up,” said the victim’s sister.

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