a consumer loan soon to be compulsory to purchase certain apps?

Google has decided to increase the maximum price of applications on the Google Play Store, a first in almost ten years. This increase now allows developers to set prices up to around 940 euros.

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THE mobile apps are now an integral part of our daily lives. The majority are offered at affordable prices on the Google Play Store, often around 5 euros. However, some professional applications can fetch higher prices, ranging up to 30 euros. Google has just made a decision, the maximum price of an Android application can now exceed that of many high-end smartphones.

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Google has raised the price ceiling applications for the first time in almost ten years. Initially set at 200 dollarsthen increased to 400 dollars in 2015, the new ceiling is now $1,000either around 940 euros. This measure is mainly intended for applications and services aimed at businesses, which could justify very expensive annual subscriptions. This change allows developers to offer more sophisticated applications adapted to professional needs.

The price of the applications could rise up to 1000 dollars

This change in Google policy could encourage some developers to offer applications at higher prices, particularly in the video sector. professional software. Although expensive applications are common on desktop systems, they are rare on mobile. Examples of applications like LumaFusion, which sell for around 30 euros, show that there is a market for high-quality professional tools. Still, it remains to be seen whether mobile users are willing to pay amounts comparable to desktop software.

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Google’s decision also sparked varied reactions. Some fear that non-essential and exorbitantly priced applications will appear, such as “The Most Expensive App”, sold for 400 dollars, or more than 350 euros and which does practically nothing. On the other hand, this price increase is a opportunity for developers to create more powerful applications. But be careful not to download two at the same time, because it is now possible on the Play Store, and the bill could quickly climb in the event of an error.



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