Toulouse: After 31 years serving artists, the Palladion Gallery bows out this June 22

Toulouse: After 31 years serving artists, the Palladion Gallery bows out this June 22
Toulouse: After 31 years serving artists, the Palladion Gallery bows out this June 22

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Created and managed by Christine and Jean-Henri Escoulan since 1993, the Galerie Palladion, rue de la Colombette, closes permanently on June 22. The “Point Final” exhibition concludes these decades of artistic creation.

When they created the Palladion Gallery on rue de la Colombette in 1993, Jean-Henri and Christine Escoulan did not imagine that it would stand the test of time and bring out so much talent. These artists exhibited regularly over the years now number around sixty. Without forgetting those hosted since 1998, as part of collective exhibitions such as “In search of the lost Colombette” or “Cinéma’art”.

It is to thank this duo that thirty-five artists are coming together on Friday May 24 through the exhibition “Le Point Final”. “When Jean-Henri announced this closure to me, I had this idea,” explains Alain Casado, painter. After contacting several artists who were regulars at the place, thirty-five followed me with pleasure to stage one last evening and pay tribute to these two art enthusiasts who did not hesitate to take up the challenge.

At the time, however, neither Jean-Henri nor Christine were in the artistic world. The first is in commerce but will abandon his first job to devote himself exclusively to his passion. While his wife will take care of welcoming artists before taking up her position as an elected official at Toulouse town hall. By taking the name Palladion, the Gallery refers to the statue of Pallas, symbol of divine protection, which sat in the center of Greek cities.

The Palladion Gallery raised to the level of the great

“The Palladion Gallery will quickly conquer its place by becoming essential to artistic creation in Toulouse,” believes Alain Casado. The diversity of quality artists including some members of the Society of Southern Artists and its installation nestled in a white “case” enhanced by the warmth of the old bricks quickly made it a unique place.

“The job of gallery owner has changed a lot over the last thirty years. The activity has become more demanding and complex, linked among other things to a more volatile public,” assures Alain Casado. Jean-Henri was able to anticipate this change by offering artists, with the help of his son, exceptional and very professional exhibition opportunities. His constant presence with the public and his unwavering support for artists have also marked his career.

On the program for this unique evening, several surprises await Jean-Henri and Christine, whose secret is kept. An exceptional moment for a place inscribed in Toulouse history in the same way as the Simone Boudet, Chappe-Lautier, Protée or Art Sud galleries. A place which will soon serve patients by becoming a physiotherapy practice.

Point Final exhibition from May 24 to June 22 to discover Galerie Palladion, 19, rue de la Colombette in Toulouse. Friday June 7 at 7 p.m.: Materials for Replicas Evening. Four short pieces to discover. Participation: €5


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