iPhone: a new function makes sending it for repair easier and safer

iPhone: a new function makes sending it for repair easier and safer
iPhone: a new function makes sending it for repair easier and safer

iOS updates often mark the arrival of comfort features. This time, iOS 17.5 will offer a brand new feature that will help secure your iPhone when it is sent for repair. A way to encourage owners to use this service instead of purchasing a new device.

Each new version of iOS arrives with its share of new features. After the wake-up mode of iOS 17, the new function of iOS 17.5 will make it possible to secure your smartphone when sending it for repair. Currently, many users are tempted to enable the “Find” function before shipping, to be sure that the iPhone is not lost or stolen. However, the option must be disabled for the device to be repaired. As a result, its trace is lost during the return journey. This disadvantage will now disappear.

How will this new option work?

With iOS 17.5, Apple has thought of a new option for this specific case, called “Prepare for repair”. The function is almost equivalent to “Locate”, with a few differences. The first is that it will no longer be deactivated while the iPhone is being repaired: it will therefore still be locatable until it returns home. Then, you will need to enter your Apple ID to activate or deactivate this function, which will allow the repairer to confirm that you are the owner of the iPhone. Finally, this function will be, initially in any case, exclusive to the iPhone: unlike “Locate”, it will not be available on other devices from the bitten apple brand (Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad, etc.).

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When will “Prepare for Repair” be available?

The “Prepare for Repair” feature will be available at the same time as the 17.5 update. The latter should arrive on our iPhones during the month of May. This option will complement another brought by version 17.3, a security feature called “Device Theft Protection”. This requires anyone who has the iPhone in their hands to have to go through authentication via Face ID, in addition to the security code, for certain specific actions chosen by the user.

In addition to this, for acts considered “sensitive” such as changing a password, you must wait a security period: one hour between two Face ID authentications to be able to carry out said action. However, this functionality of iOS 17.3, although very secure, is deactivated when the phone needs to be repaired. This will no longer be the case with “Prepare for Repair”.

How to activate “Device Theft Protection”?

For owners of an iPhone compatible with iOS 17, to activate the “Protection in the event of device theft” function, you will first need to go to the settings. Then, head to the “Face ID and code” section: you will then be asked for your password. Once this is done, you will find “Device theft protection” below, you will then need to click on it and activate the function.

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