Cycling: Romain Fayolle with panache at the Grand Prix du Monastier

Cycling: Romain Fayolle with panache at the Grand Prix du Monastier
Cycling: Romain Fayolle with panache at the Grand Prix du Monastier

The Grand Prix du Monastier-sur-Gazeille was decided in the last lap with a final sprint of a group of five. And it was Romain Fayolle who won the race.

On Saturday, the Vélo Club du Puy-en-Velay offered the second edition of the new Grand Prix du Monastier on a demanding 5 km circuit with the coast from the hamlet of Meymac. The height difference of more than 120 meters repeated many times and the stormy showers put the organisms to the test.

The main event was won by Romain Fayolle, from UC Puy-en-Velay. The 27-year-old rider knew how to bide his time in a race that started very early with the rapid breakaway of Guel Faure from Mozac, who had escaped on the first lap. He would have up to two minutes ahead of a peloton that was losing interest in him. Beauzacois Jules Sauzet, 16, from Golène Evasion, tried to come back in the chase. And two laps later, the leader cracked. Jules Sauzet and the peloton regrouped. A new race began.

The last five men in the small group were fighting for victory on the main street of Le Monastier. Romain Fayolle was developing his effort and maintaining a one-bike lead over two riders from Villefranche. Jules Sauzet finished just off the podium.

This is the fourth victory of the season, including the title of Haute-Loire champion acquired two weeks ago in Saint-Paulien. The student lawyer from Saint-Christophe-sur-Dolaizon, despite difficulties in training, has had a convincing season.

Open 2-3

1. Romain Fayolle (UC Puy-en-Velay)

2. Jules Matray (Villefranche)

3. Colin Chavy (Villefranche)

4. Jules Sauzet (Golène Evasion)

5. Cyril Fernandez Perez (Saint-Galmier)

Access 1

1. Laurent Begard (Uniteam Cycling)

2. Joan Gentes (UC Puy)

3. Alessandro Jamin (Villefranche)

Access 2

1. Alexandre Pradines (Chambon-Feugerolles)

2. Serge Mayet (VC Velay)

Access 3

1. Sébastien Blondel (Uniteam Cycling)

2. Quentin Garrido (VC Velay)

3. Mathieu Boyer (Brives-Charensac)

Access 4

1. Jean-Philippe Bertrand (VC Velay)

2. Mathieu Portefaix (Saint-Flour)


1. Axel Roux (Riom)

2. Tony Billet (Saint-Etienne)

3. Célian Rolland UC Puy)

4. Emile Romieu (VC Velay)

…6. Noa Tessier (Golène Evasion)

…8. Sacha Ollier (UC Puy)

…9. Tom Rivaud (VC Velay)


1. Hugo Raulet (UC Albenassienne)

2. Nylan Dobrowolski (Villefranche)

3. Kenny Burdet (La Motte Servolex)

4. Antoine Bonnaud Mourlevat (VC Velay)


1. Tanaïs Yvai (The Lime Tree)

2. Julian Mette (Roanne)

3. Maëlan Ferry (Ambert)

4. Hugo Maurin (UC Puy)

5. Jean Gaudriault (Brioude)

6. Johan Martin (Brioude)



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