Succession of systems: an unstable week awaits Quebec

Succession of systems: an unstable week awaits Quebec
Succession of systems: an unstable week awaits Quebec

Published on July 7, 2024 at 9:05 p.m.

The days to come will not be the same: sun and rain will fight for the throne throughout the week. Forecast

In short :

First pitfall

Monday is shaping up to be a beautiful day: it will be mostly sunny across the province and temperatures will be above seasonal norms, without being overwhelming.

However, the scenario will play out differently during the day on Tuesday, as a combination of systems will come to play spoilsport in the middle of the week. One might think that these disturbances would leave large quantities of rain in their wake, but their consequences should prove modest: we are talking about a risk of isolated thunderstorms and about twenty millimeters of rain at most in places until Wednesday evening.

Beryl is up to her tricks again

The first major hurricane of the year is still making headlines: Texas is set to receive up to 300 mm at the start of the week.

At the time of writing, Beryl could even have consequences as far as Quebec, according to expert forecasts. Indeed, following its passage over Texas, Beryl, which will become a post-tropical depression, could reach Quebec as early as Thursday.

There is even talk of high accumulations in places, particularly in southern and central Quebec. Although Beryl’s trajectory is not set in stone, most forecasters believe that it should hit Quebec, one way or another: some have it passing further north, others further south.

An optimistic scenario would even have it go through Pennsylvania, which would spare Quebec.

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