“Unless a new owner tells me to leave, I will still be here next season”

The bad joke is finally over for Standard who will now play their future off the field

The Liégeois thought they had the tie point at the end of the match but Marlon Fossey’s goal was canceled for offside. The Liégeois close the season with a record of five points in the Europe Playoffs. From now on, the focus will be on the sale of the club.

Without Matthieu Epolo, the bill would have been even steeper for Standard in Mechelen. – BELGA

By Kevin Sauvage

Standard Specialist
Published on 05/25/2024 at 10:43 p.m.

Finally, this time, it’s the pin! “The end of the purge has come,” we could hear from the supporters, whether on site at the Afas Stadion or on social networks. The 2023-2024 season, that of the club’s 125th anniversary, ended Saturday evening with a new joke so dear to Ivan Leko. The problem is that the Standardmen did not have time, in one week, to renew their sketches. Suddenly, there was a feeling of déjà vu among the (brave) supporters who had already attended the “show” the previous week in Sclessin.


Unsurprisingly, Standard did not exist in Mechelen where no one wanted to be! It is certainly not Jonathan Panzo and his scandalously lax attitude who will say the opposite! Without Moussa Djenepo or even William Balikwisha, who did not show up for training the day before citing family concerns, the Liégeois served as ideal sparring partners for the Malinois who did not have to force their talent, particularly in First period. Without Matthieu Epolo, the forfeit score, which should also be inflicted on the club for the cancellation of the match against Westerlo, had already been reached!

A first for Lawrence and Benjdida, the 100th for Vanheusden

After the break, the approximately 11,000 supporters attended the good old end-of-season match in which no one really dares to engage. It was too much for some Rouche supporters who left the visitors’ block shortly before the hour mark. From this second half, we will still remember two “happy” moments for the Liégeois. First of all, there was the 100th appearance of Zinho Vanheusden, returning from his long unavailability. Then, there were firsts in question with the very first goal of the young Englishman Henry Lawrence (22 years old) for his first appearance with the A core. A few minutes later, the Englishman was imitated by Soufiane Benjdida who followed well Price’s strike. But that was without counting on the self-sacrifice of Lauberbach, author of a hat-trick, who gave Mechelen the three points despite Fossey’s canceled goal at the end of the match.

Standard therefore ends these Europe Playoffs with a record of five points and is now preparing to experience the most important match of its season, even of its history: that of its redemption which will condition its future.

Mechelen 3

Standard 2

The goals : 15th and 17th Lauberbach (1-0, 2-0), 51st Lawrence (2-1), 84th Benjdida (2-2), 90th Lauberbach (3-2).

Mechelen : Coucke, Bolingoli (85th Cobbaut), Garananga, Bates (85th Walsh), Foulon, Mukau (77th Van Hecke), Schoofs, Pflucke (77th Hairemans), Bafdili (64th Belghali), Mrabti, Lauberbach.

Standard : Epolo, Fossey, Noubi (46th Vanheusden), Hautekiet, Panzo, Canak (46th Benjdida), Price, Kawabe, Fini (46th Lawrence), Ghalidi (72nd Sahabo), Kanga.

Yellow cards: Bolingoli

Referee: Mr. Smets



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