Kendrick Lamar shot the music video for “Not Like US”

The filming location promises us a grandiose clip.

Is the clash between Kendrick Lamar and Drake over? On the Canadian’s side, it seems so, he stopped responding, even deleted a few insulting posts on Instagram, and seems to have moved on. But on K.Dot’s side, on the other hand, it’s different : the Los Angeles rapper is not letting go of his rival an inch and seems determined to make this clash last as long as possible. Remember, he even had took the time to clash with Drake during his concert in Los Angeles.

But this time it’s about something else, which could all the same restart the clash by giving lots of buzz to the diss track “Not Like Us”, the most successful title of all the diss tracks released in recent months. Indeed, Kendrick Lamar was filmed filming a music videoand given the notes that we hear in the video, it is clearly the clip for “Not Like Us”. A shooting that took place not far from Compton City Hallnow a place of pilgrimage for K.Dot fans from around the world.

Not all of the video was filmed in front of the concert hall: all day long, clips of Kendrick filming in every corner of Compton appeared on the Web. With the same feeling each time: his neighborhood is really completely behind him, just like the old rappers in his arealike Ice Cube for example, who recently confided that he loved what happened during this clash.



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