“We have been in an unhealthy whirlwind”: is Lou (Secret Story 2024) still on bad terms with Perrine? She answers !

“We have been in an unhealthy whirlwind”: is Lou (Secret Story 2024) still on bad terms with Perrine? She answers !
“We have been in an unhealthy whirlwind”: is Lou (Secret Story 2024) still on bad terms with Perrine? She answers !

How do you feel following Alexis’ victory?

It’s been a lot of emotion since last night. I am very proud and very happy that Alexis won, but obviously, I feel a bit of disappointment at being second, especially with the percentages that I saw… But Alexis fully deserved it!

Do you have the impression that this love triangle that you formed with Perrine and Maxence was detrimental to you?

I don’t think so, because I have always been myself in this adventure and in this triangle.

How would you define your relationship with Maxence?

He’s my friend now and has never been more than a friend. We were very close the first two weeks of the adventure. We had a great connection and we were close physically, but there was nothing more than that. When I came back from the secret room, we decided to put up a barrier so as not to spoil our friendship and to preserve my life on the outside. From then on it was much better that way, but we’re friends, that’s all.

When you entered the show, weren’t you a little disappointed to have to give up your secret?

No, because the secret that La Voix gave to Léo and I immediately appealed to us and, for my part, it immediately put me in the game. At the time, it stressed and excited me . Léo and I have a physical resemblance, but I come from Marseille, I have a very pronounced accent, he doesn’t at all, we are not the same age, we have not lived the same life, so it was complicated, but it was definitely a mix of stress and excitement.

The public has placed you in the secret room. Did you understand at that moment that you were one of the most popular candidates of the season?

Of course ! At that moment, I understood that what I am appealed to the public and that was the most important thing for me because I was so myself in this adventure that I was happy that people liked me for the right reasons.

Tensions arose with Perrine during Secret Story. How do you relate to her today?

It is going much better. We both regret some of the clashes we had. We were in an unhealthy whirlwind and we talked about it after the finale. All tensions are now eased.

What did you miss most about this show?

My loved ones and Marseille, because we were not helped by the weather. I’m used to the sun of the Phocaean city (laugh). I am very close to my family and being away from them hasn’t been easy…

What struck you most about the House of Secrets?

The human side, because we don’t realize when we arrive in this adventure that we are going to create these links with people we absolutely didn’t know before and to link all that with the game, it wasn’t easy .

How did you feel before returning to real life?

I had a lot of stress, because when I entered Secret Story, I was not known at all. I had a private account on social networks, not even 1000 subscribers, and we suspect that that has changed. So our life is totally turned upside down…

Since your secret has not been revealed, would you agree to participate in an All-Stars season of Secret Story?

I would totally be up for it!

Is there a mantra that guides your daily life?

Carpe Diem !



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