More beautiful life in advance: what awaits you in episode 115 of Monday June 17, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

More beautiful life in advance: what awaits you in episode 115 of Monday June 17, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV
More beautiful life in advance: what awaits you in episode 115 of Monday June 17, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “More beautiful life, even more beautiful”… A murder is about to be committed. For her part, Jennifer is watched by an individual, while Blanche and Luna give Eric a chance.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle broadcast Monday afternoon on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Monday June 17 in More beautiful life, even more beautiful…

Eric, self-defense coach

At the Pavilion of Flowers, Eric impatiently awaits the arrival of Blanche and Luna. When the two women arrive, he asks them if they have considered his idea of ​​setting up a self-defense course for women.

Blanche and Luna aren’t really keen on the idea, and don’t take it lightly to tell him. Eric takes it badly, he has the impression that his friends don’t trust him at all: “I’m just good at doing my job as a security guard.”

A few hours later, Blanche and Luna are consumed by guilt. They blame themselves for being firm with their friend, especially since it was thanks to him that they found the Pavilion of Flowers. So they want to make up for it. Blanche confides to Luna: “He needs a little challenge in his life.”

At the end of the day, they announce to Eric that their upgrading workshop is canceled and that they must quickly find something else to replace it. They therefore suggest that he try a self-defense course. Blanche says to Eric: “You have carte blanche”. The latter is overexcited and immediately gets to work. Did they make the right decision?

Is Jennifer in danger?

At the Mistral, Gabriel is happy to show the report from the medical office to Thomas. But when he watches it, he realizes that Jules simply cut it during editing. Gabriel can’t hide his frustration.

For his part, Jules shows the report to Babeth. The nurse is pleasantly surprised, especially upon discovering that Riva does not appear on the screen. That’s not all, she tells Jules that he did well to add a plan with Jennifer… except that the young man didn’t do it voluntarily.

Indeed, he has just noticed that the secretary appears in the background when Babeth is being interviewed. He is in a delicate situation, because he had promised Jennifer not to film her. Babeth reassures him that no one will recognize Jennifer. But is she right?

Suddenly, we discover an individual viewing the report on his computer. He freezes the frame and zooms in on Jennifer. After recognizing it, he types in the search bar: Mistral medical office. Who is he and why is he investigating Jennifer?

Patrick and Boher have an accident

Jean-Paul is slowly recovering from his taser attack. Back at the police station, he tells his colleagues that unfortunately he was unable to prevent the kidnapping of Anaïs Delpierre. The latter is still nowhere to be found and her phone was found in a ditch, in very poor condition.

The police wonder why the criminal did not kill her on the spot, that is to say at her home. Comparing the other three murders, they realize that they took place where the victims had been harassed.

Boher goes to the Keplers to question Ophélie. When he arrives, the young woman who suffers from agoraphobia explains to him that her old high school was destroyed. The policeman tries to find out more, particularly about the place where she was harassed, but thinking about her memories is too hard for Ophélie.

A few minutes later, Ulysses finds Ophelia in her room. The young lawyer tries to get her to talk, and it seems to work. After a long silence, she begins to confide in her older brother. With tears in her eyes, she explains to him that the worst happened during sports lessons…

Boher, who now knows more about the location of the next murder, informs Patrick. The two police officers immediately went to the gymnasium. When they arrive, they discover Anaïs Delpierre in the locker room, unconscious. The criminal slashed his veins.

Patrick immediately calls the emergency services, but no response. The two police officers are therefore forced to transport the young woman to the hospital themselves. They are driving at high speed, when suddenly a vehicle gets in their way. Jean-Paul presses the brakes, but they have been cut. The vehicle goes off the track…

Are Boher and Patrick injured? Will Anaïs be saved in time? Answer in the next episodes of the series More beautiful life, even more beautiful.



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